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wedding season again…

I guess that if you really enjoy planning events, finding inspiration for them and seeing how excited your exceptionally creative friends get about planning theirs you will never really move out of wedding season.

Last week one of my bridesmaids got engaged and JP and I could not be more excited. I know that she will put together a unique, hand crafted, every detail thought out, event. Over the past few days, with the exception of when we went to the beach, I have been busy putting together a wedding care package for her. I can’t wait to finish it and send it off. Hopefully I will snap some photos to share, I really have to get better about doing that.

I stopped in last night to chat with with woman who produced our invitations at Chelle Paperie, in Hampden, and was thrilled to discover that she had recently gotten engaged and has been feverishly, but totally under control, planning her upcoming wedding. Interestingly, both of these women are from the same area in Pennsylvania, I am excited to see the outcome of each of their visions.

And because I am on the subject of weddings, here are some picks from my wedding in Telluride, Colorado from the end of May. We are about a week away from receiving the professional photographs, but these are some of my favorites from family and friends. The top image was my mothers idea. When we were talking about ways to economically enhance the wooden structure that is at the wedding site, she drew out the idea of a wreath with an F in it, for JP’s last name, and swag draping from it and down the columns. It was such a great idea. I found a huge F, and grapevine wreath, at a craft store in Baltimore on a shopping trip with one of my bridesmaids. I simply wrapped the F in some sisal twine, and handed it all over the the florist. It turned out to be one of my favorite things, and now the F adorns the front door of our house. The second image is again, from the ceremony site. Here you can get a better view of the snow capped mountain backdrop. And the third image is JP and myself signing the Colorado wedding license. (It was filled out in the courthouse on a typewriter)

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So it is no secret that birds are the things to have and hold these days. For the past few years it seems that everywhere you go there are at least 10 different pieces of bird merchandise to satisfy your need of your feathery friends. I have to admit that I have fallen into the bird situation, but have tried to limit my flock.

One of the jewelry lines that I work with has, I believe, done the bird well. Figs & Ginger is a husband and wife team based out of Asheville, NC who specialize in Eco-friendly sterling silver earrings, necklaces and soon a wedding line as well. Elijah and Rhonda try their hardest to use only recycled silver and gold to create their pieces.

On a side note…
When JP and I were going through the ring process, the jeweler who we were working with recycled the gold from the setting of the stones that had been passed down from our families. Not only did this save us some money, but we were happy to hear that the left overs were not just going to waste. It’s nice to know that they might go into creating a meaningful piece for someone else.

So I encourage you to take a look at their site, at the very least their whimsical designs should put a smile on your face. And being a fan of all things woodland creatureish I have to give Figs & Ginger two thumbs up on their deer collection as well.

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It’s Done!

JP and I had a hugely successful wedding! For the three days before the wedding we woke up to snow and would have about one or two snow storms a days. It was really very beautiful and we were excited to be there for such strange weather.

Everything went off without a hitch with one small exception. There was some sort of stomach discomfort that passed from my Dad to JP and then onto our bridesmaid, Melissa. JP was out of commission two day’s before the wedding, but did manage to take the gondola to town for an hour and we were able to get our wedding license. It was a quintessential Telluruide experience, and worth the trip! The court house in town is brick with a large clock tower, the halls are lined with old photographs of town and the mines that surround it. We received our license in a small room, with two folding chairs and the kind woman who assisted us. The whole process was done on a type writer, a machine not so often used any more, but adored by many.

JP and I were so moved by all those who took the time and made the effort to come to Colorado. We all had such a wonderful time and had such a great response from all of our guests. Most importantly, JP’s dad came and provided a wealth of support, excitement and love for JP. We were really happy to have him there and get to spend some time with him. The wedding was defiantly a defining point in our lives pertaining to our family and friends and the relationship structure going forward. And going forward is what we are doing right now.

That being said the next part of going forward for me is changing my name…
I used to have really mixed feelings about this, but am excited to do it now, strange as it is. To make things easier on a busy gal was set up. This service compiles all of the most up to date forms that you need to submit to different corporations and government agencies. Best of all, you enter your information once and it will auto fill all of the forms. All you have to do is print up the forms from your on line file and send them in with the appropriate fees. And not to worry, when you print up each for it is accompanied with instructions for any additional things that you need to do. Gift certificates are also available and would make such a cute shower gift for a bride to be.

And speaking of brides, I am off to try and see Sex and The City, I will let you know what I thought tomorrow!

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Darn the Pound

to have and to hold ribbon from Cox and Cox

A while ago I wrote about Cox and Cox, an online store from England. Today I opened my email to find out that they just added a wedding section! They have all kinds of goodies that they have pulled together for that extra touch for a wedding or party. The ‘To have and to hold’ ribbon, featured above, being one of my favorites. There were so many more that I loved, sadly I can’t show them all…

But here are a few more!!

photos from Cox and Cox

So these are some of my other favorites. The Wedding Matches are so adorable. Let’s face it matches might not have that much of a place at weddings any more due to the fact that no one is smoking any more. However, there is something great about a custom, or semi custom match box. I think that this would be such a nice addition and start to your celebration to put into the welcome baskets with a nice travel sized candle for each room. There is nothing nicer than getting rid of hotel room scent and a nice gesture on the part of the bride and groom to help make their guest feel comfortable. Oh yes, printed on the box is the Oxford Dictionary definition for wedlock, “marriage mar’ij n. wedlock, to tie the knot: the union of a man and a woman as husband and wife, the perfect match.” The Paper Fiesta Bunting is just so smart, adds a touch of fun to any event. It can be placed outside in trees, on fences, or on poles. Similarly, it can be strung up inside to add a fast dressing to any space. I love these Seed Favour Sets. They consist of 10 seed sticks that are ready to plant and will germinate in about 3 to 4 weeks. Available in a multitude of choices from Alpine Strawberries, to wildflowers and herbs they can be valuable for any occasion. What a nice way to give your guest a gift that is easy to travel with, they can deal with on their own time, not like a live plant, and can remind them over and over again about your beautiful soiree! And last, but definitely not least, the Wedding Sign. Made of enamel and printed on both sides it is such a good choice for corralling your guest to where they should be!

So now that I have shared all of these wonderful finds the sad news for us in the United States, as of tonight the exchange rate is just under two dollars to the pound. What a stinker! For now I will be satisfied by looking at the web site and dreaming of the day when the dollar is worth something again…

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keeping it all together

Fortunately, I have been fairly good at keeping all of my ducks in a row organizationally with the wedding. However, I have not been using a wedding planning book, I found them to be cumbersome and not quite what fit me. I know that organization is a major challenge for a lot of brides. Recently I found Muse:Wedding Inspiration on line and think that it is just swell. It is completely customizable format that can suit any bride. As with most wedding planning you do need to spend some time setting it up and making it yours. I found this to be really nice because I was not sorting through junk that has nothing to do with my wedding.

There are spaces to work on your budget, and you can create multiple ones as well. There is a schedule, and places for ideas. The site is a bit nicer than paper because all information is in one place and can all communicate with itself. Leaves out the cross referencing and making sure that nothing was left out. So I hope that you find this as fun and functional as I did. Also, why not use it for other things in your life. It is a blank format, no one says that it has to be used for a wedding…

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And I’m Back…

The past three weeks have been such a whirlwind.

It was so wonderful being able to spend so much time with my parents since the beginning of the month. The trip to St. Louis was fast, but great. The shower that I had there was so beautiful and it was such a treat to spend time with some of the women who have seen me grow up. I was also entrusted with the care of a beautiful fur stole belonging to the grandmother of my gracious shower host. I am planning on wearing it over my dress when the weather gets a bit chilly during the wedding. So excited!

Saturday, I was lucky enough to have another shower in Baltimore. Many of our friends and some of JP’s family were able to join us, yes JP made an appearance at the shower as well. The shower was so beautiful, and the stories that were shared about JP and myself were thoughtful and a nice reminder of the times that we have shared with some of the most influential people in our lives.

There are not many times in ones life when friends and family are all able to gather and celebrate together. It has been so meaningful to have friends who care enough about us to create and organize events that made some of these times possible. We can not express how appreciative we are.

One of the highlights of last week was having my parents in town to go with me to my dress fitting. It was completely unexpected, but really fun. Even though we forgot to bring a camera, we did get some good mother daughter shots in with the cell phone.

We are just over a month away from the wedding at this point and are jam packed every weekend until we leave. My best friend from high school was at the shower on Saturday and wanted to get together for lunch some weekend before the wedding. I said that we would love to, but then started going through my schedule with her and realized that realistically the next time we will be able to have lunch with them before the wedding will be in Telluride. I have my checklist made and it seems that for everything that I check off I have about two more things to add, oh well, I love making lists!

One of the items on my list is wedding jewelry. With the exception of my dress and vail, I have been trying fairly hard to ensure that everything else wedding related can be used again, and not for something as fancy as a wedding. The jewelry has been a challenge. I did not want to spend a whole lot of money, and I did not want crazy wedding jewelry. For a while I was planning on doing some kind of pearl situation, I thought that I might make something, but after trying on a few pieces decided against it. I found a great necklace and I love it, so I bought it, but did so at a place that if I do not end of using it I can return it. So now I need earrings, but I think that I have a pair that will suit just fine already in the jewelry collection. But I am still on the lookout for a great pair of earrings that I could wear if I choose to wear my hair up and forgo the necklace. Trivial I know, but I like options.

Oh, I almost forgot that I picked up the bridesmaid dresses on Friday and Melissa was able to try hers on after the shower on Saturday and she looked stunning. I highly suggest TwoBirds to any bride. If makes it so easy and the look ends up being individual, sophisticated and effortless. Three things that I think most women try to achieve. I can’t wait to see Lexi in hers next weekend.

So that is an overview of what has been going on. But stay tuned because I really do have some new blogs planned for the upcoming days.

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