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love it … what i’m wearing now

Each season I gather accessories that are my go to additions to any outfit. Sometimes items carry over from season to season, but this summer I am feeling the desire for some new additions. A great handbag that can hold sketchbooks, sunscreens, lip balms and much more. Like a cheery wallet that in a pinch is a great clutch.

I also like to always have layers in the summer. Going from the heat and humidity of Baltimore’s summers to the cool of air-conditioned buildings can be a shock. I try to always have a cardigan or scarf to add a little warmth when needed.

 What I'm Wearing Now May 2012

iPhone case | earrings | handbag | wallet | scarves

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wear it … summer shoes

This weekend I am going to move all of my winter shoes, coats, sweaters, scarves, gloves and more into the basement for storage. It seems like this could have happened months ago as we never really had winter here in Baltimore. I think that I wore my coat less than five times from October to March. This migration always makes me want to go out and get some new sandals. Love it! Here are my top runners for summer shoes this year. I do always also buy a few pairs of utility flip flops like Rainbow, and Reef that I replace every year. What types of shoes are you looking for this spring?


 neon flats  | kate spade | mulberry sandal

linen sandal | tort sandal

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warm days + cool nights

One of my favorite parts of the spring are the warm days and cool nights. There is nothing better than feeling warm and sun sunkissed during the day and snuggling up with a great blanket by the fire at night.

For a great campfire we always have a few things on hand. Giant Campfire marshmallows, these are really giant! They each weigh in at 1 oz, and make the perfect smore. Coupled with Jules Destrooper butter crisp cookies, and Hershey’s chocolate you are in for a real treat. I always have a fleece popover on hand to layer as the night gets cooler and the fire dies down. So cozy, I can hardly stand it!

giant marshmallows | cozy pullover |  marshmallow roaster

chocolate bar | cookiesknit throw blanket

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love it … black white navy & gold

{image from Kateslikes}

If there are four colors the I wear all the time they are black, white, navy and gold. Oh and always with denim. Perhaps I am still working through going to a high school that only allowed denim on Fridays, but really, why would I ever wear anything else? So for these reasons I just love this image. It is quintessential Boat Kohli.

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wear it … under the weather

For the past week and a half I have been rather under the weather. It seems that there is some flu like illness circulating around the adult population across the country. I spent days in bed sleeping, and when I was finally able to venture downstairs I wanted to be as cozy, and relaxed as possible. Here are a few things that I like to keep around for when I am under the weather.

mug | earl grey teapajamas | grandma’s chicken soup | soup bowl

hot water bottle | cashmere throw

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love it … denim on denim

My freshman year of college I might have earned the nickname Ms. Denim. Most days you could find me  in my denim jacket. I would pair it with anything from a dress to my favorite pair of jeans. Yes, that is right, I am completely ok with wearing jeans and a denim jacket, denim on denim. While I have not been rocking this look recently I was reminded, and inspired by the great chambray schoolboy blazer that J. Crew just put out. I think this will be a great addition to my spring wardrobe.

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