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it’s my favorite … almanac industries clutch

almanac industries clutches | K Flick StudioI am pretty much in love with the new clutches from Almanac Industries, I mean, how could you not be? Screen printed, hand stitched leather, yes please, and this leather is going to darken and get richer over time like any good leather should. They are the perfect size to carry on their own or toss in a larger bag. These days I keep all of my items, wallet, phone, lip balm, letters I keep meaning to mail, in one small clutch. This way I can toss it into the baby bag in the morning before we head out for the day and all my items stay together. Then when I’m out on errands I just bring the clutch in with me and leave the big baby bag in the car. Or if I sneak away on the weekends I just grab the clutch and go. One of these is definitely going on my holiday wish list

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wear it … maternity uniform

I pretty much have had a maternity uniform the whole time I’ve been pregnant. Early on I made the decision not to try to hide the bump by draping things over it. I figured it’s here, I am going to look ten times bigger tenting myself than accentuating myself. Keeping things comfortable, stylish and simple while not investing in a whole new wardrobe was my main goal. Here is what I purchased, mainly from Old Navy.

One pair of maternity jeans … I cuffed these, or wore them with boots all through the winter.

A handful of maternity tanks … I LOVE these. No really, I am going to keep wearing them after I have the baby. They are so soft, so long, and so comfortable. They come in a ton of color and stripes and are great on their own or layered.

A few button down shirts … These are great layering pieces. They are not maternity shirts, just regular button downs a size larger than I would normally wear. When they were no longer able to button I wore them open. I ended up with a chambray, oxford and green gingham that I wore religiously.

The only other pants that I had were the wonder under crops from lululemon. I already had a ton of these in my closet so no new purchases were necessary. These worked really well for me until about month eight.

Everyday I would pair my jeans, or wonder under’s with a tank, button down, or cardigan, and a puffy vest. Simple, and comfortable. Normally I would have added a scarf, but sadly I have not been able to wear anything around my neck throughout the pregnancy. I couldn’t even wear necklaces until month six. Anything that came close to my neck made me feel like I was choking so my beloved scarves took the winter off.

So that was my maternity uniform until…

One of my super stylish friends, who is also pregnant, introduced me to my FAVORITE maternity find. The Lynn Henley dress by J. McLaughlin. I can’t even handle it. I love these dresses so much!!! The best part is that they are not maternity. So although a bit of an investment, they are something that I will be wearing long after pregnancy is just a distant memory.

K Flick Studio's Maternity Uniform

dress | sunglasses | earrings | braceletbagshoes

Amazing right! Clearly I do not look like the model, just forget that she is there, but the dress is stretchy and looks so cute with a bump. The best part is that it is as comfortable as my nightgown, and I look super fancy in it. Who doesn’t love that? People always ask me if I’m going to a party later, or to a meeting, or what special occasion it is. It’s amazing, life changing. I pop it on, pair it with some studs, a cute bag, and flip-flops. Yeah that’s right, I’m rolling around with this fancy dress and pink flip-flops and people still think I am dressed to impress. Seriously I might only wear this dress for the rest of my life. Well, you know a version of it, not specifically this one. I also picked one up in this print. Navy and white, navy and white, it’s what I’m about these days!

Well I’m off to clean the house again, and try to organize everything that we own before the little guy arrives!

Have a great day. XO

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wear it … plum pretty sugar

Six more weeks until this little baby makes his appearance, or so we are hoping. Last weekend we traveled to St. Louis, where I am originally from, and were treated to another amazing baby shower. It was a bit of an adventure getting there, our original flight was canceled, at 11:45pm on Friday night, due to tornadoes. I should have known we were never going to fly out when I talked to my parents when we got to the airport and they were in the basement and the sirens were going off. So we flew out on Saturday. I went directly to the shower and freshened up there. It all worked out, but in my haste I forgot to take pictures, stinker.

Since we returned home I have been in full swing getting everything ready. Washing baby clothes, blankets, sterilizing bottles, and getting the few items that I forgot about like nail clippers and a thermometer. I have also been picking up last-minute items for myself like night gowns that are okay for my Dad to see me in… The one item that is on my want list, and not on my need list, is a robe from Plum Pretty Sugar.

Plum pretty sugar robeHow beautiful is that? So it might be a bridal line, but really, shouldn’t I feel just as beautiful and radiant as a bride after I have a baby? So I need this right… what do you think?

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wear it … flats

I have been very disinterested in dressing for winter this year. Fortunately it has been fairly mild in Baltimore, not a lot of snow, a little rain, and only a few days in the 20′s. So my steady wardrobe of Capri pants, flats and hopefully something warm on top has been manageable . Not always the best choice, but who always makes those?

Now that March is around the corner, and a few days have peeked into the 50′s I am ready for spring and some new flats.

Spring Flats 2013

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

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wear it … love it

Woot woot!!! It is time for my 2012 vest purchase, possibly one of my favorite parts of the year. I love quilted vests and for the past few years J. Crew has been killing it. Last year I got this one, and wore it about every day. This year I plan on making this lovely lady mine. I can’t wait for the days to slip into the low 70′s and the nights to provide a chill in the 50′s. Well, a girl can dream can’t she?

wear it ... love it, J. Crew Vest

Excursion Quilted Vest in Herringbone via. J. Crew

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out in the garden

giant tree gardening supplies

Again this weekend we are heading out into our small yard to try to get one step closer to being finished with this project. It has been dragging on for three years, and I am ready to sit out back and have a margarita. Last weekend we finally removed the tree that was cut down last year, and an azalea that just would not die. Now we just have to smooth out the yard, lay down some plant barrier and get some gravel delivered. Simple right, we will see.

With all of my new gardening experience I have some favorite things that I have found really make life a bit easier when I am out in the sun and 98F. My favorite gardening supplies…

My Favorite Gardening Supplies

crocs | lululemon crops | neon tank | keihl’s moisturizer                  twistbands | armband | prunerhand tool | camelbak

A word on the crocs. I know that they are the uggs of the summer, but for gardening, they are amazing. Comfortable, waterproof, breathable, and somewhat protective. What more could you ask for? Style, well ok sure, but did you see that cute little line around the bottom? I’m not suggesting that you wear them out to dinner, just while doing things in your yard.

So that’s what I’ll be doing. What are you up to this weekend? Do you have any gardening supplies you can’t live without?

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