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make it … embroidered gloves

Did you know that it is the end of December already? Christmas is on Wednesday which means that there are only nine days left in 2013. I am still busy gathering and making gifts for friends and family and always on the look out for a personal, easy, and fun gift. Country Living stopped me in my tracks with these super cute gloves.

278bdc847bd4e522e10d7756edd4f8eeSo good right! Really easy to source the materials, try Target for the gloves, and Michael’s for embroidery floss. Have fun with your sayings, make them quirky and personal. Please remember to stay classy, you don’t want your friends to add these to the donation pile right away. If you are not feeling confident with your word-craft try a monogram on the wrist, or in the corner of a scarf. Happy crafting!

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holiday windows bringing the cheer

It might seem like the holidays are still a far way away but alas they are not. Thanksgiving is only two weeks away, eek! We have been hard at work at the stores making them cheery and bright over the last few weeks. The holiday windows at Trohv are always some of our favorites.

Holiday Windows Trohv Baltimore 2012 |K. Flick Studio

Holiday Windows at Trohv Baltimore | K. Flick Studio

I am also very excited about the toy cars, trucks, and other vehicles that are adorned with trees and adding some cheer to our jewelry cases this year.

Winter 2012 Jewelry Display Case Display | K. Flick Studio

Winter 2012 Jewelry Display Case Display | K. Flick Studio

A snippet of what our in store signage will look like. This was my first time working with felt and I loved it! We used wool felt, I dislike the eco felt that so many people are using these days. In my opinion it does not have the depth that the wool does and I think that is one of the great qualities of the material.

Store Signs in Progress | K. Flick Studio

This week we are at the store in Washington, DC getting it ready for a big event this weekend. Today was our first day of set up and it is already beginning to sparkle. I will be sure to share the finished products of both stores in the next few weeks. Have you started holiday planing for your house?

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what’s in a window display?

window display inspiration

holiday inspiration from 2011

Every year Baltimore Magazine puts out a Best of issue. This year Trohv was honored with Best Windows, 2012. So we thought now would be a great time do a post on  Trohv’s blog about how we create our award winning window displays. You can find my sneak peek into the work of windows and how we create them at the two stores right here.

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make it … cocktail parasol spheres

Last week I was out gathering a few items to use in store displays. I came across a ton of those great little umbrellas that come in only the classiest of drinks. Do you remember getting a drink as a child and receiving one of those little lovelies? It was always such fun. Well for about a minute until it disintegrated in your hands.

cocktail parasol spheres | K. Flick Studio

As soon as I saw them I knew that they would be perfect for some fresh summer displays in the stores. They were super easy to make and would be the perfect addition to any summertime soiree. Below are the steps to make some Parasol Spheres of your own!

     You will need…

          styrofoam spheres, size does not matter

          bakers twine

          cocktail parasols

Begin my tying some bakers twine around the styrofoam ball. I like to tie the twine in quadrants to insure that it will not slip off. Be sure to leave a tail long enough to hang it. Keep in mind that it is easier to cut a longer sting than to fix a shorter one!

Begin placing the open umbrellas in the sphere one by one.  Continue around the sphere making sure to overlap the parasols. Be sure to keep track of your excess string and ensure that it has an exit as your sphere closes.

At this point you should have a lovely sphere ready to hang. They look best in numbers, so have fun and try different color combinations. Enjoy!

parasol spheres | K Flick Studio

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winter windows

The holiday season has officially gone, and we are well on our way into 2012. I just realized I never shared the winter windows that we installed at Trohv for November, and December. They were a true collaboration of many on the Trohv team. Gary, the manager in Baltimore, came up with the concept. Katie laid out the text and got everything organized to go onto the windows. Finally I came in and painted the words. I think that they were some of our best windows yet!

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make it … planted saplings

My parents are in town visiting and my mom and I are side by side on the sofa busy on our pinterest accounts. I stumbled across a project that I did for ReadyMade  last fall on a pinboard that I follow. It was really very exciting. I then realized that I did not have the image pined, and that I actually had never really shared the image or the full project for planted saplings here. So a year late, but better than never! Enjoy

For this project you will need…

  • basalm firm plug transplants
  • miscellaneous containers, I used canning jars
  • potting soil

1. Purchase saplings from a local garden center or They generally come anywhere from 5 to 14 inches, and take only a few days to ship.

2. Put some dirt into the bottom of your jar. The amount will depend on the depth of the container, at least an inch is a good base.

3. Place your sapling into the container and fill with dirt. Be sure that your roots are covered.

4. Water sparingly as there is no drainage.

5. When you are finished with your decorations donate the trees to a local school, city project, nursing home, or association of our choice.

This is such a fun project that I have done for many years. These are also fantastic hostess gifts, or projects for kiddos.

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