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it’s my favorite … winter decor

tartan dress

Somehow it is the 4th of December, and I’m not quite sure how that happened. The leaves have all turned and fallen from the trees. Pumpkins have been picked and are now rotting in my back yard only to be born again next spring. Turkeys have been roasted, fried and smoked. Hanukkah has started and is nearly over. My sweet little guy is four months old, and the new year is right around the corner. So it’s December, but that does mean that winter decor is in full swing. I can’t get enough of cozy tartan blankets, fresh greens, candlelight, and cranberries. I do love a cranberry, sugared, baked, stewed, and as decor, I’ll take it all. So as the wind blows, and I hope for snow, I’ll curl up on the sofa with my scotch and try to cherish the last days 2013.

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it’s my favorite … almanac industries clutch

almanac industries clutches | K Flick StudioI am pretty much in love with the new clutches from Almanac Industries, I mean, how could you not be? Screen printed, hand stitched leather, yes please, and this leather is going to darken and get richer over time like any good leather should. They are the perfect size to carry on their own or toss in a larger bag. These days I keep all of my items, wallet, phone, lip balm, letters I keep meaning to mail, in one small clutch. This way I can toss it into the baby bag in the morning before we head out for the day and all my items stay together. Then when I’m out on errands I just bring the clutch in with me and leave the big baby bag in the car. Or if I sneak away on the weekends I just grab the clutch and go. One of these is definitely going on my holiday wish list

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it’s my favorite … garnish boutique

This week launched by début as a contributor on Garnish’s blog. If you are not familiar with Garnish Boutique and you are in the Baltimore area you should be. It is a phenomenal bridal boutique, elegant, inviting, casual and with impeccable taste. Even if  you are not in the market for a bridal gown there are still so many reasons to visit Garnish. I like to shop the bridesmaid dresses for special occasions. This way I get a dress that is unique, and I know will fit. Usually for about the same, sometimes less, than I would spend on a dress at the mall. I find that it take the stress out of dress shopping.

So take a look-see, I have some great content planed for the blog and hope that you will join me there as well! Here is a sneak peek of some of the great stuff that will be happening over there.

fall wedding | K Flick StudioI used this beautiful centerpiece from a friend’s wedding as inspiration for a collection of great fall accessories. Perfect for a wedding, night out, or if you are super fancy, which I pretend to be sometimes, the grocery store!

fall wedding inspiration | K Flick Studio

Hop on over to the Garnish blog for the full post and sources for all these great items!

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wear it … plum pretty sugar

Six more weeks until this little baby makes his appearance, or so we are hoping. Last weekend we traveled to St. Louis, where I am originally from, and were treated to another amazing baby shower. It was a bit of an adventure getting there, our original flight was canceled, at 11:45pm on Friday night, due to tornadoes. I should have known we were never going to fly out when I talked to my parents when we got to the airport and they were in the basement and the sirens were going off. So we flew out on Saturday. I went directly to the shower and freshened up there. It all worked out, but in my haste I forgot to take pictures, stinker.

Since we returned home I have been in full swing getting everything ready. Washing baby clothes, blankets, sterilizing bottles, and getting the few items that I forgot about like nail clippers and a thermometer. I have also been picking up last-minute items for myself like night gowns that are okay for my Dad to see me in… The one item that is on my want list, and not on my need list, is a robe from Plum Pretty Sugar.

Plum pretty sugar robeHow beautiful is that? So it might be a bridal line, but really, shouldn’t I feel just as beautiful and radiant as a bride after I have a baby? So I need this right… what do you think?

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it’s my favorite … rifle paper co

Like many of you out there I love Rifle Paper Co. and am so excited to share some of the new designs for 2013. The new sticker sheets, notebooks, and 2014 calendars are some of my favorites. As always the cards are colorful and a joy to choose from, I can hardly stand the make a wish card, I might need to frame it for the nursery. Also new for 2013 are the tin recipe boxes. At $34 they make a great gift. I like to add a few of my favorite recipes to the box before gifting it.

Rifle Paper Co. Goodies Rifle Paper Co. Notebooks Rifle Paper Co. CardsRifle Paper Co. Tin Recipe BoxesHello Cards by Rifle Paper CoRifle Paper Co. Calendars

Some of these lovelies are currently available on the Rifle Paper Co. website but not all of them. Keep an eye out for the new additions in the coming months!

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it’s my favorite … national stationery show

belle and union & 1 canoe 2

Today I have some great new goods and some old favorites from Belle and Union and 1 canoe 2 to share with you. I might need to order all of them!

belle and union

This was Bell and Unions’s second year at The National Stationery Show. I literally stopped in my tracks when I came across the booth last year. Run in Savannah, Georgia by husband and wife duo Meg and Josh I can’t get enough of this press. With southern charm, sweet illustrations, and a great eye for styling Meg has done a wonderful job with the line. From cards to wrap to dish towels it is impossible not to fall in love.

Belle and Union Calendar

Belle and Union CardsBelle and Union Cards Belle and Union CardsBelle and Union Card SetsBelle and Union Love CardsBelle and Union Wrap Belle and Union DishtowelsBelle and Union NotepadsBelle and Union Wall Art

1 canoe 2

Friends Carrie and Beth have been drawing and daydreaming together since childhood. Today they are running the amazing 1 canoe 2 in Columbia, Missouri. They have added Karen as the third to their circle and each year manage to blow me away with their illustrations and new product designs. This year there are new calendars ranging from desk to wall to super-sized works of art. Tons of new designs and so many great cards.

1 canoe 2 perpetual calendar1 canoe 2 large calendar1 canoe 2 inside large calendar1 canoe 2 wall calendar1 canoe 2 recipe box 1 canoe 2 recipe box inside1 canoe 2 camp mail 1 canoe 2 cards1 canoe 2 birthday tags1 canoe 2 holiday cards1 canoe 2 gift tags



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