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cook it … the best banana bread ever

I love, love, love banana bread. Well as long as it is nut free. I hate when there are nuts polluting a good piece of banana bread, pumpkin bread, brownies, cookies, really anything. So now that we have that out of the way let’s talk about this banana bread. It is moist, a bit dense, great for breakfast, with tea, or a scoop of vanilla ice cream for dessert. Super easy to make, and the perfect use for the bananas that have been on your counter a bit to long. Don’t pretend that you don’t have them, we all do. If I buy five bananas, or seven bananas, there is always at least one, ok let’s be honest, at least two, that do not get eaten. So now instead of saying adieu to those sad over ripe bananas I send them to rest in the freezer until I am ready to bake some bread.

Have you ever frozen bananas? If you have you are well aware of how gross they get. They turn dark brown verging on black, and when they thaw they ooze a brown banana liquid… gross! Hold on, hold on, it’s not all bad. Frozen and thawed bananas actually have way more banana flavor than any fresh bananas that you might use. They are also always really mushy and easy to mix into breads, pies, and puddings. So avert your eyes if you are squeamish and just think about the goal, the best banana bread ever!

the Best Banana Bread Ever


How good does that look! I went overboard this time and tossed in a few chocolate chips, amazing. Are you ready to make some for yourself? I hope so… Here is how you can enjoy the best banana bread ever in about an hour!

banana bread

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cook it … halloween candy

Don’t let all that Halloween candy go to waste, what a tragedy that would be. I’m going to try some of the sumptuous looking desserts under the guise of football food for our friends on Sunday. I think that any food made for football should be utterly ridiculous in nature so these fit right in.

halloween puppy chow

Halloween puppy chow by A Southern Fairytale, yes please…



Leftover Halloween Candy Blondies, from Just a Taste, oh my!

Have a great weekend!

XOXO, Kohli




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it’s my birthday, almost

pancake cupcakes

So it’s my birthday month and I just revisited a post about pancake cupcakes that Courtney from A Little Glass Box made for her husband’s birthday this summer and it made me smile. She does such a wonderful job of celebrating the people she loves. Everyone should have someone like her in their lives. Who wouldn’t be super excited to have these at their party? Pair them with this chili bar, and a simple yet elegant table and you have yourself a perfect party for me!


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cook it … late summer gazpacho

Ok so it might not actually be late summer anymore. The first day of fall was actually last Sunday, but it is still warm here and until I have a pumpkin in my house and can wear my puffy vest without hesitation everyday it is not really fall. But I digress, I am really posting today to tell you about the best soup I have ever had. For real, the best. My lovely mother made the soup for the first time the day after I returned home from the hospital with Ari. I was on family imposed bed rest and being served all of my meals on beautifully laid out trays by my mother. For breakfast I had papaya and prosciutto, and for lunch yellow tomato and corn gazpacho, henceforth known as the best soup ever.

late summer gazpacho | K Flick StudioMade from ripe late summer yellow tomatoes, fresh corn, and yellow peppers it is a celebration of all things August. Bursting with bright flavor it is acidic, creamy, and chilled for a hot summers day. Super easy to make, all you need is a blender. Well that and a pot to boil the corn, and a knife, but really that is it. I can’t encourage you enough to run out to the farmers markets on Saturday and Sunday, track down the last of the tomatoes and corn and return home to make this dish. It might change your life.

Many thanks to Jodi at What’s Cooking Good Looking for creating this glorious soup and sharing it with everyone on her blog. If you are not familiar with it be sure to pop on over and check it out. There are a bazillion recipes that I plan on trying this fall. I think I might start with this one, or perhaps this white bean chili for a cold night.

On another note, this weekend we are going pumpkin picking and I can’t wait. I remember our annual trips to the pumpkin patches in Missouri when I was little and can’t wait to share in new memories with Ari. He might only be two months old, that happened fast, but it is never to early for pumpkins!

Have a great weekend!

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cook it … chicken and waffle sandwich

I am drooling over these Fried Chicken and (Bacon, Cheddar, and Green Onion) Waffle Sandwiches from Bon Appétit. For real, how amazing does this look? Fried Chicken and Waffle SandwichesI’ve been thinking about getting a waffle iron recently and this might be the tipping point. The bacon, cheddar, and green onions are in the waffle batter. The chicken batter has hot sauce in it, and there is a maple mustard sauce, what!! I have a few things on my list for this weekend but this might have just moved to the top.

Have a great weekend! XO

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homestead … 4th of july

Flag Cake | K Flick StudioDid you all have a nice 4th? Our’s was really low-key and relaxing. Every year I try to get around to making a flag cake. This year was my favorite by far and the one that I will make from now on. The base of the cake was from Ina Garten’s Barefoot Contessa Family Style cookbook, but you can find it here. I skipped a traditional icing and made a large batch of whipped cream adding a little bit of sugar and vanilla seeds fresh from the pod. Super easy, fast, fresh and yummy!

I also made guacamole using a recipe that I found on Pinterest. Originally from Style Me Pretty Living and touted as the best ever guacamole. I figured it had to be worth a try. Boy was it! So good we put it on everything. Chips, hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, you name it. I can’t recommend it enough.

Have a good weekend, and if you have time try one of these great dishes!

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