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ate it … family meal

As I mentioned in a previous post one of my friends posted a mouth-watering picture on Instagram a few months ago from a restaurant in Frederick, Maryland. Immediately I asked her where she was dining and started planning a time to go for myself. Fast forward to last weekend, a quick drive up interstate 70 and we were finally at Family Meal. You might remember Bryan Voltaggio from season 6 of Top Chef, or you might not, regardless this is his third restaurant in Maryland and the first one that we have tried. All three are in Frederick, just an hours drive from Baltimore. Easy enough to get to but a bit further than we normally drive for a meal. When I saw that there was not only fried chicken but pimento cheese, milkshakes, and chocolate earl grey doughnuts I knew it was going to be worth the drive.

We started with milkshakes. What, they are a drink, you are supposed to order them like you would iced tea. I got chocolate, it came with a toasted marshmallow on top which I thought was a really nice departure from the standard whipped cream. The husband, lucky him, got an adult shake. Strawberry and rhubarb, it was amazing. I might have had a sip, or two. Not too sweet, not to tart, just perfect. Made with rhubarb liqueur, strawberries and topped with a toasted marshmallow. Definitely something that I hope to replicate when I can drink again.

Family Meal Chocolate Milk Shake | K Flick StudioLook at that, who doesn’t want that? And think of all that good calcium that the baby is getting. In the background you can see the chicken pot pie fritters.

Family Meal Chicken Pot Pie Fritters | K Flick StudioThese were our favorite part of the meal. Our waiter said that they make the chicken pot pie base, freeze it, wrap the frozen balls in pie dough and fry them. The inside was the perfect bite of warm, creamy, hearty, chicken pot pie. The outside was crispy and crunchy. Every fritter had a large chunk of tender chicken in it, and no potatoes in site. I really dislike potatoes. 

Not being from the south, and growing up with parents who were more interested in camembert than cheddar cheese, I was never exposed to pimento cheese until five short years ago. Subsequently I have become a fan. Realizing early on that not all pimento cheeses were made equal and have been very choosy about where I eat said pimento cheese.

Family Meal Pimento Cheese | K Flick StudioFamily Meal’s pimento cheese is served with a bacon sorghum jam drizzled on top and accompanied by sausage, pickles, and some homemade crackers. The pimento cheese was amazing! So good. The little nuggets of bacon on top were a nice accompaniment. The husband and I were both a little confused by how to eat this dish. We have only had pimento cheese as a dip, or served on something. So trying to figure out how to dip the sausage into the cheese and get it to our mouths was a bit challenging. We had the same problems with the pickled vegetables that were served with it. There was a great assortment of cauliflower, okra, and rashes all pickled beautifully, but again not great for scooping.

I think we just felt weird about eating pimento cheese with our silverware. You know how there are just some foods, like dips, that really you only feel okay eating with your hands. Crab dip would be a good example. Okay to load up a piece of bread with what is essentially warm cream cheese, and sour cream, but it’s a little gross to just shovel a spoon of it into your mouth. The husband of course would disagree. I often times say that he has no food morals.

So I broke down and ate with my silverware. Loading up my fork with a mixture of pickled vegetable and pimento cheese. It tasted amazing, and I quickly devoured the leftovers with some Toll House crackers when we got home.

Family Meal Chicken Basket | K Flick Studio Family Meal Fried Chicken | K Flick StudioThe fried chicken came in this amazing yellow ceramic chicken. It was fantastic. The cheesy buttermilk biscuits were light and flavorful. And the hot sauce, oh the hot sauce. It was so, so, so, good. I might have asked for it to go when I wrapped up what was left of my meal. Our waiter said that they might be selling it soon so I need to keep my eye out for that.

Family Meal Burger | K Flick StudioThe husband got a burger. He was hungry and panicked, and assumed that it would be a really awesome burger. He said it was fine. Just a burger, and wished that he had taken a bit more time to choose another main. We also split some fries, the highlight of which were the dipping sauces, especially the tomato chutney. We could not get enough of it, so good. We asked for it to go and our waiter was stunned. Apparently we are the only people in the whole history of the restaurant who have ever liked said sauce. I think that is a little unrealistic, but for those who are strictly ketchup and fries people I can see where they might be a bit out of their element. We loved it, I want them to bottle it, I would put it on everything. For real, it was that good.

Family Meal French Fries | K Flick StudioWe might have over ordered, like by a lot, but figured we should try what we want since we had made the drive. It’s not like we were going to go back the next weekend and try something else. So we packed up our leftovers and had some for dinner and some for lunch the next day. All in all we had a good meal, a nice day together, and a fun place to take friends back to.

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ate it … chouquette

When we were in St. Louis at the beginning of the month my Mom could hardly contain her excitement when she took us to Chouquette. A French patisserie that opened in the Tower Grove neighborhood just a block north of the Botanical Gardens last February. Elegantly designed with sparing sophistication Chouquette is a treat for your eyes and taste buds alike.

Entrance at Chouquette

I enjoyed a lovely petit déjeuner consisting of 1. caramelized onion, fig and bacon tartlet in puff party, 2. pain au chocolat, 3. lemon bar with salted shortbread and meringue and a latte. Yes, that is three things that I ate for breakfast, it’s fine, it’s for the baby right?

Pastries at Chouquette

Seating at ChouquetteThe mixture of old wooden pews, modernist tables and chairs creates a casual seating area. Perfect for an afternoon with your girlfriends, a quick business meeting, or just a nice afternoon alone. Be sure to look up, the ceiling is gorgeous, and in great condition.

Ceiling at ChouquetteI gobbled down my first two courses so quickly I failed to take any photos, there is always next time right! The desserts were so stunning that I made sure to take a moment before diving in to capture the miniature works of art that we were about to enjoy.

Lemon Bar at ChouquetteI have been craving lemon my whole pregnancy, it is really a bit ridiculous, averaging between one and two lemons a day, I just can’t get enough. So this lemon custard meringue was just what I wanted. Nice and tart, and with tiny sugared lemon pieces atop the meringue.

Green Tea Dessert at ChouquetteMom, a lover of all things asian got the green tea sponge cake. She loved it.

Banana Bombe at ChouquetteThe husband got the banana bombe. Generally he does not like chocolate and fruit, I know how can you not like chocolate and fruit? Ridiculous. The bombe looked so good to him he decided that he could make and exception and he was glad he did. Very rich and full of flavor it was right up his alley.

On Saturday afternoons Chouquette serves high tea, one of my favorite things in life. When I was little my mom would take me to high tea for special occasions and I loved it. I can’t wait to visit St. Louis again to go with my mom, and add another memory of high tea with her.

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With love from Paris

Hello there! It’s been a while. Currently I’m in England but wanted to share a few photos from a quick trip to Paris last week. I really didn’t do a great job of taking photos while I was there. Other than these I only managed to snap two more. I was busy gabbing with my best friend whom I have not seen in a year and didn’t manage to take out my camera often.

We had a lovely leisurely lunch at Ladurée on a rainy afternoon and I managed to snap a few shots!

Laudree Paris

Macarons at Laudree Paris

I popped into the shop next door and picked up a few to go. I came away with raspberry, pistachio, chocolate, and lemon. They were all amazing.

Raspberry and Rose Macaron at Laudree Paris

I chose this lovely lady as my dessert at lunch. A full-sized raspberry macaron with rose cream and fresh raspberries, yes please! I wish that I could have one everyday.

Desserts at Laudree Paris

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ate it … federal doughnuts

Hello there! It has been a while and for that I am sorry. It seems that the last few weeks have slipped way from me. Does that ever happen to you?

With the end of summer and season changes at work I have been a bit out of it. In the middle of all the hustle and bustle the Mister and I took a mini-break and went to Philadelphia for the night to see Madonna. It was a really nice getaway and probably the most time that we have spent together in the past few weeks. The concert was good but I suggest seeing it in a town where people actually like her. The audience vibe was not great, and sadly affected our experience. But that is not what I am here to talk about today. Today I wanted to share our Federal Donuts experience with you.

Federal Donuts | K. Flick Studio

Located in the Pennsport area of South Philly this quaint hole in the wall joint that offers donuts, coffee, and after 11:45 several varieties of fried chicken. It is fairly close to 95 and well worth a quick stop during your travels up and down the seaboard.

Street View at Federal Donuts | K. Flick Studio

We arrived in time to sample all of the doughnuts that they offer. Sadly we were a bit early for the chicken but plan to make another trip up and give it a try as well.

Donuts at Federal Donuts | K. flick Studio

These are the fancy donuts. Look fancy don’t they? Sadly, I cannot quite remember which donuts are which. In the box you will find one of each of the following… Mango-Chile, Strawberry-Rubarb Pie, Creamsicle, Chocolate Covered Banana, Pomegranate-Nutella, and Mandarin-Coffee. I loved the Mango-Chile which is the yellow one in the center of the box. But really, they were all amazing. There are a limited number of fancy donuts made each day. This means that you should arrive early if you are looking to sample all of them.

Hot Federal Donut | K. Flick Studio

If you over sleep don’t despair. The fresh donuts, which they make all day, or at least generally out last the fancies are made to order and wonderful. There are three options all with a sugar based top coat. Appollonia, Indian Cinnamon, and Vanilla-Lavendar. The Mister and I loved the Vanilla-Lavendar.

A Handfull of Federal Donuts | K. Flick Studio

We ate the hot donuts on the shady bench outside the shop and saved the fancies for later. It was the perfect morning snack. Oh, and if you are in Philly and looking for a great place to have brunch I highly suggest Honey’s Sit n’ Eat. Our good friends have been telling us about it for years, and we just made it for the first time during this trip. Well, right after the donuts if you must know.

P.S. Honey’s Sit n’ eat is cash only.

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ate it … ice creams at woodberry kitchen

Saturday night the Mister and I went to Woodberry Kitchen for a nice dinner out after a hectic weeks. The whole meal was amazing as always, but the highlight was the ice cream sampler that he got for dessert. So good!

Woodberry Kitchen Ice Creams | K. Flick Studio

The Mr. at Woodberry Kitchen | K. Flick Studio

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pinned it … cooked it

Today I am excited to introduce my Mom as a new contributor to the blog, pinned it…cooked it. She is a phenomenal chef and filled my childhood with wonderful meals and a voracious interest, and respect for food. I invited her to share some of her cooking adventures with all of you and can’t wait to get started. Welcome to K. Flick Studio Mama, and without further ado, Mom…

The world is a fascinating place and an ironic one. As my daughter will attest, her mother has a “problem”: with cookbooks, recipes torn from magazines, copies of recipes from the Net and now, Pinterest. I think, subconsciously, it stems from my mother. In the last photo of her she is bent over her kitchen table arranging her recipes, I believe as a legacy to me. Subconsciously, these activities may be an attempt to maintain a connection with her. The irony comes on the scene when, trying to delete some of the recipes torn magazines which have been fermenting in a drawer for possibly 2 decades, I finally made a recipe for asparagus, goat cheese and lemon pasta found in the drawer. Excited by the results, I told Kohli how delicious it was. To say I was startled when she said she had made it 2 weeks before is an understatement. The old recipe had been sequested for decades how could she have made it? She found it on Pinterest. I now keep a catalogue of interesting food recipes on Pinterest. Those recipes I have tried and like I pin with suggestions. Now Kohli and I can share recipes easily and the tradition continues.

asparagus, goat cheese, and lemon pasta

asparagus, goat cheese, and lemon pasta via Pinterest, via smitten kitchen

Fun right? So Mom will be stopping in from time to time and sharing great recipes that she has found on Pinterest, and cooked. She has a collection of images that is definitely worth a gander. Be sure to check her out here. Oh, and try out the recipe, it came together very quickly, and was great for lunch the next day too.

Have a great weekend, what will you be cooking?

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