make it … embroidered gloves

Did you know that it is the end of December already? Christmas is on Wednesday which means that there are only nine days left in 2013. I am still busy gathering and making gifts for friends and family and always on the look out for a personal, easy, and fun gift. Country Living stopped me in my tracks with these super cute gloves.

278bdc847bd4e522e10d7756edd4f8eeSo good right! Really easy to source the materials, try Target for the gloves, and Michael’s for embroidery floss. Have fun with your sayings, make them quirky and personal. Please remember to stay classy, you don’t want your friends to add these to the donation pile right away. If you are not feeling confident with your word-craft try a monogram on the wrist, or in the corner of a scarf. Happy crafting!

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