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This week launched by début as a contributor on Garnish’s blog. If you are not familiar with Garnish Boutique and you are in the Baltimore area you should be. It is a phenomenal bridal boutique, elegant, inviting, casual and with impeccable taste. Even if  you are not in the market for a bridal gown there are still so many reasons to visit Garnish. I like to shop the bridesmaid dresses for special occasions. This way I get a dress that is unique, and I know will fit. Usually for about the same, sometimes less, than I would spend on a dress at the mall. I find that it take the stress out of dress shopping.

So take a look-see, I have some great content planed for the blog and hope that you will join me there as well! Here is a sneak peek of some of the great stuff that will be happening over there.

fall wedding | K Flick StudioI used this beautiful centerpiece from a friend’s wedding as inspiration for a collection of great fall accessories. Perfect for a wedding, night out, or if you are super fancy, which I pretend to be sometimes, the grocery store!

fall wedding inspiration | K Flick Studio

Hop on over to the Garnish blog for the full post and sources for all these great items!

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