homestead … pumpkin picking

One of my favorite memories of fall as a child is pumpkin picking. My parents would bundle me up and drive for hours, 30 minutes, into the farm land. There were farm animals, corn mazes, a giant fort, hay rides, and fields of pumpkins as far as the eyes could see. Pretty much everything a kid could want. You can only imagine how excited I was to take Ari pumpkin picking for the first time this year. It’s true he was only 2 months old when we went but I could tell he was really excited to be there.

Hay Ride | K Flick Studio See, doesn’t he look thrilled? It’s true he did sleep through the farm animals, the hay ride, and picking out the perfect pumpkins. But he did wake up for some photos, and at his age that’s really all we can ask for.


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