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Well hello there, it’s been a while I know. It seems I’ve had a hard time prioritizing all of you recently. When I do actually put Ari down for a nap, it’s just so easy and nice to cuddle up with him, I run around the house like a crazy doing laundry, dusting, and cooking meals.  Somehow the computer seems to be taking a back seat right now. But things are about to change, or at least I am hoping that they are.

I’ve already bailed on my nice new office that I set up for myself while we were getting ready for Ari’s arrival. It became really apparent, really quickly that having an office space set away from family spaces was never going to work. So a quick trip to Ikea, and a fight with 10,000 computer cords later I have a nice new, clean, office space in our living room. If you told me a year ago that I was going to make this change I would have laughed in your face. But ideas that you have about your house, and life after kids change very quickly once the little ones arrive. It’s a little scary.

So in an effort to streamline and keep things clean and nice in our main living space I have condensed down to a few basics. Lovely notebooks from Sugar Paper to keep all my thoughts together. Russell + Hazel binders, because I can’t live without them. Clip boards, who can have enough of those? I use them for everything. Calendars, shopping list, coupons, receipts for items I might return, really anything that I need to keep track of. Vintage ball jars to hold pens, envelope openers, scissors, change, washi tape, like the clip boards the list goes on. I also like to have a tray on my desk where everything can be consolidated when not in use. This way I always know where my essential items are and leave the rest of the desk uncluttered. Or at least that is how the tray works in theory, in reality there might be junk all over the desk most of the time. Don’t tell anyone…

K Flick Studio Desk

R + H binder | phone case | notebooks | clipboard | ball jarstray | desk

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