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he’s here, he’s here!!!

On July 26th we welcomed Ari into our lives and I have done little more than staring at him ever since. I had planned on a natural birth, but at 41 weeks it was decided that induction was the new plan. Determined to still have some say in the experience I opted to try for as un-medicated an experience as possible. So at 7am the Pitocin drip started and so did my labor. By noon, or one, who really knows, I lost track of time, it was clear that going forward without an epidural was not for me. So my natural labor was officially over, and I learned why people opt for an epidural. Pain free labor and delivery. That’s right, once I had the epidural I just hung out and waited to push, it was awesome.

Ari newborn | K Flick Studio We were lucky enough to have my parents with us for the week before he was born, he was a week late, and for a few weeks after. It was great to be taken care of and be able to focus on Ari while adjusting to our new lives together. I also realized that it was the most time that I have spent with my parents since I was a freshman or sophomore in college and went home on winter break. I am so thankful for all of their love and support and the time that we get to spend together.

Mom was busy cooking up meals for us, some of which I will be sharing with you here because they are so amazing no one should go through life without them. We also made a ton of pot stickers that we froze and will be an easy quick meal for those nights when dinner is more than I can handle.

Dad was busy taking Porter for walks and feeding him more food than he normally has in a month. We are currently re-training Porter on table manners and trying to convince him that his food does not require an additional something special for him to eat it.

Ari and Porter | K Flick StudioThe adjustment has been a little hard on Porter, but he is doing well. He is really interested in Ari and loves to lick him. Fortunately he has adjusted to the the nightly feedings and is no longer sleep deprived. Nothing worse than a sleep deprived dog!

AF_cheeksLook at those cheeks! They are getting bigger and bigger everyday!

AF_thinkingSometimes at 11pm Ari likes to think about if he will be going to sleep or requiring more food. Usually he opts for more food.

I promise that I will be back to non baby things on the blog soon but just wanted to share our excitement with you.

Today we are off to the grocery store for the first time. Armed with my Boba carrier I feel like it should be a success.

Have a great day, XO

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