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I’m so excited to share with you a great dresser re-do today. Remember when I went antiquing inĀ Frederick last month? I mentioned that Katie was also out scouting for new finds that weekend and today I am excited to share with you what she found.

Katie had been on the hunt for a dresser, or two side tables that had plenty of storage for a while now. The piece, or pieces, she was looking for would either flank the bed, or fit right underneath one of the intended rooms windows. That weekend in Frederick she lucked out. There was a barn filled to the hilt with dressers of all shapes and sizes and in relatively good condition. Sure there were some that were rickety, and full of splinters, but most were in usable condition and just in need of a little vision.

Fortunately vision is something that Katie has in spades. She was able to pick this red and white lady from the masses and see its potential through the country kitchen exterior.

Red and White Dresser | K Flick StudioShe got the piece home and immediately went to work that afternoon with the palmĀ sander. Originally she was planning on painting the dresser grey but once she saw the beautiful wood underneath opted to forgo the paint.

Step One Dresser Re-do | K Flick StudioFortunately the sander made short work of all the existing paint with the exception of the legs that required some intensive hand sanding.

Step Two Dresser Re-do | K Flick StudioThe finished dresser fits perfectly under the window and with the addition of pink glass knobs brings a really nice balance of rustic sophistication to the room.

Dresser by Petal and Print | K Flick StudioCurrently the dresser is being used as a changing table but will easily transition in later years. I am so happy that the project was such a quick success for her. In the end she got exactly what she wanted and didn’t have to settle for good enough for now, which let’s face it, sometimes we all have to do.

I’m off to an early start today getting last-minute things checked off my list. XO

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