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K Flick Studio Nursery In full disclosure this picture is a few weeks old. The nursery is now finished and just waiting for a tenant, still a few weeks to go. Our dog, Porter, has decided that he loves the room and would be quite happy to have it for himself. Every morning he gets up, stretches and makes his way into the room for his morning nap.

The nursery used to be our guest room which has now been moved to the adjacent bedroom along with our office space. Not my favorite layout. I would love to offer our guest a place to stay that didn’t have all my stuff hanging out in the corner. Alas, we live in a row house in Baltimore city so it is what it is. So back to the nursery. When we painted a few years ago we knew that it would eventually become a nursery and decided that the gender of a possible child shouldn’t effect what we wanted to do in the room. So three walls are a deep, glossy navy, and the focus wall is coral and gold chevron. Some people have been shocked that we have left the wall since we are having a boy, but in all honesty before we knew the gender I only had plans for a boys room.

I will be sharing the finished room soon, but wanted to give you a little snippet before the big reveal.

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