getaway … antiquing in Fredrick, Maryland

As our due date is approaching I am trying to make more time for the husband and myself to do things that are nice to do. Not just projects that we need to do. Sure those projects need to get done, but the big stuff has been checked off. Now I am trying to focus on us as a couple and the freedom that we will not again have for quite some time. We plan on trying to keep our lives as close to what they are as possible, all current parents may laugh here, but know that a lot is going to change and that is much easier said than done.

A long time ago one of my friends posted a mouth-watering Instagram from a restaurant in Frederick, Maryland. Since then it has been on my places to go for the day, you know, when I actually remember that I have that list. We tried to make the trip a few weeks ago but it didn’t work out, and with limited weekends left I decided this was the weekend.

I started researching other things to do in Frederick but all that I came up with was Civil War related activities. Those we can definitely do when we have a child, so I said pass. Katie told me about an antiques sale that she was going to in that area and I said great! I am sure that there are a ton of things to do in Frederick that are not Civil War related, if you know of some please let me know. 

So off we went. I found some great things, but only came home with one item. A GIANT enamel tray. I have a thing for blue and white enamel, it could be a problem. I am trying to deal with it. The tray was just so big, and perfect, and I knew it would be great on our coffee table. I washed it and set it out last night. Perhaps it is a little larger than I thought. I’m trying to make it work…

And here are a few other things that caught my eye but I left for someone else, so generous I know.

Metal Basket Lights These vintage metal basket light looked so lovely hanging in the barn. They are not unusual to see now, but I liked that the sizes and styles of baskets were mixed for this display. Also a really quick and easy project to change a room, and when you are tired of it you have a great storage bin.

Paper Whale Tale BannerNot vintage to be sure, but this whale tail counting paper garland was adorable. Sadly I have no space or need for it.

Children's Metal Truck A few years ago when my friend Melissa got married she collected vintage metal trucks to use for her centerpieces. I was lucky enough to help arrange them with flowers and immediately decided that I needed trucks in my life too. I collected a few but have never really found a great place for them in our house. But now that we are going to have a little boy in the house it seems like I should start collecting again. Rust if okay for children right?

Industrial Cart TableLoved this industrial table. It would make a lovely coffee table, a bit high for the standard measurement ratio, but sometimes that’s fine.

Children's Wheelbarrow And then there was this amazing blue metal children’s wheelbarrow. I thought of ton’s of things to do with it, but alas in the end decided that I really didn’t need it. Boo.

Vintage Softballs There were also all these great softballs. I have been on the hunt for really good vintage baseballs for the nursery and when Katie told me about these I was really excited. On closer inspection I realized just how much larger a soft ball is than a baseball and decided to pass. Also, earlier in the week, when I was putting the finishing touches on the nursery a baseball fell and hit my foot, it hurt. Those things pack a punch when dropped. It was then that it began to dawn on me that they might not be the best thing in a child’s room. But to heck with that. They are there for now and I will remove them when the little guy becomes active. My mom rolls her eyes here. 

Vintage Lace DressThe last item that caught my attention was this lace dress. I am not usually a vintage clothing shopper but admire people who are. It is just not a talent that I have. Anyhoo, I saw this dress and thought that it would make a lovely wedding dress. Sure it would need some alterations, but I really think it could be something quite special.

Later this week I will share details of our meal, the whole reason we went to Frederick, and boy are they good.

Have a great day!


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