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Yesterday I set about making sticky buns for the first time. I was really excited, the husband was really excited, our dinner guest were really excited, possibly even neighbors were excited. We did some errands in the morning and stopped at the grocery on the way home to pick up some flour. We were almost out, and needed a few other items for dinner. We popped into the baking aisle, I pointed at the bag of flour that I wanted and asked the husband to get it. Seriously, why does the flour and sugar have to be on the bottom shelf? It is not awesome when you are 9 months pregnant. We check out, get home, unpack the groceries and we have a lovely bag of white whole wheat flour, shucks. The husband mentions that he grew up eating baked goods with this flour and it would be fine. So I think, why not, it will be healthier, how bad can it be?

Sticky Buns with Fork

BAD… They looked so beautiful at every stage of the cooking process. The dough rise went well, the filling looked perfect, all the little individual buns were perfectly nestled in the baking dish. I was so excited. I pulled them out of the oven and knew right away this was a mistake. They cooled, I flipped them out of the dish, put one on a plate and took a bite. My fears realized, I brought the plate up to the husband in the nursery who was busy working on a project, more on that soon. He took a bite and agreed, no good.

I have this rule about food. Some foods are only good made the way they were intended. They cannot be made healthy, or made from substitute ingredients. Foods made with white flour say doughnuts, funnel cake, and sticky buns, should never be made healthy with whole wheat flour. Yes folks, once I had the sad experience of eating a whole wheat funnel cake, why I ask you, why? Obviously I make exceptions to this rule for allergies, and legitimate health reasons, I am not a monster.

I suggested that the husband could take the sticky buns into work with him. He immediately howled, “I can’t bring those into work.” Amazing, they were that bad. Our dinner guest were nice enough to try one. They decided that they were definitely not good, but they were edible, just rather earthy. So, today they went to work with the husband. By mid morning I was informed that all the sticky buns had indeed been eaten and that a few co-workers thought I was a GREAT cook. I fear for their taste buds, but thank them for their kindness.

So my friends, I went back to the grocery this morning and bought a new bag of unbleached white flour. I will re-attempt the sticky buns this week and give you an update.

Have a great day!

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