in my bag … summer picnic

Recently my husband and I celebrated our five-year anniversary. I had plans of making a fabulous fried chicken picnic and spending the afternoon at a local park. Sadly I never got my act together to transform the picnic from a plan to action, oh well. I thought that I would share the menu and my plans with you in the hope that someone, somewhere will go on this beautiful picnic.

Crispy fried chicken, creamy macaroni salad, cool melon and prosciutto followed by chocolate stout brownies, yum! A fresh and summary watermelon gin and tonic kept cool in a Swell bottle is the perfect complement to the meal. I opt for paper plates that can be discarded at the park but choose to  use cotton napkins to keep it classy. Do you go on picnics with your family? If so what do you like to bring?

In My Bag ... Fried Chicken Picnic

napkins | wine bottle | fried chicken | macaroni salad | tote | melon | brownies | cocktailplates

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  1. Jen June 12, 2013 at 11:05 am #

    Happy Anniversary!

    Love the picks. I’m sensing a backyard gathering in my future.

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