in my bag … the pool

Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner and everyone will be heading to the nearest pool, beach or lake for some summertime fun. These are the essentials that make it into my bag every summer. Good reading… sometimes I bring a book but most of the time it’s magazines. Mineral based sunscreen… have you been reading all the terrible things about the chemicals in sunscreen recently? I turned to Kiehl’s and have not been disappointed. Hydration… the night before we head out I fill the largest water bottle I have, this one is a whopping 48oz, half full with water and some sliced lemons, and place it in the freezer. The next day I top it off with water and have a nice cool drink for most of the day. Footwear… I love a good flip-flop and for me these days that is anything with an arch support like these ladies from rainbow. A soft landing… a good towel is worth its weight in gold. These are personalized so I never have to worry about using someone else’s towel, not my thing. Sun Shade… I must have a good floppy hat, there is only so much sun that a lady can have on her face. Lip Balm… I apply this religiously year round, but if I am skiing or sitting by the water I make sure that I have sun protection in it as well. I can’t wait until next weekend! So what do you keep in your summer bag?

in my bag pool

Boat ToteTowel | Water Bottle | Lip Balm | Sunscreen | Hat | Flip Flops

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