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Is Easter Bread a part of your families spring time tradition? Traditionally thought of as part of Italian or Greek Easter celebrations the sweetened bread can be traced back thousands of years. In Italy bread is symbolic of life. Pair it with an egg, which in most cultures symbolizes fertility and procreation, you have quite a statement. Both themes that Easter, and it’s earlier pagan roots center around.

easter bread Bon App├ętit April 2012 – photo by Ditte Isager

I prefer to go the pagan route of celebrating the sweet joys of spring and the rebirth that each new season brings. Regardless of your religious affiliations I think that this bread makes a nice family tradition. I’m excited to give it a try sometime in the next few months. You can find this recipe and step by step instructions here. If eggs are not your thing, but you would like to try the sweet bread, you can find the recipe here.

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