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So nice to see you again. It has been quite a while I know. The past few months have gotten away from me.

Does it seem to anyone else like there is a baby boom going on right now? I feel like recently everywhere I turn someone else is announcing their pregnancy. In celebration of this I wanted to share a few of my favorite nurseries.

Nursery’s like most things are not made great by how much money you throw at them, but by how creative you are with what you have.

rustic nursery

image via Melissa Hoy on Pinterest room by interior designer Sherry Hart, featured in Atlanta Magazine as seen on: stella & henry

In this nursery I am drawn to the rustic and clean modern feel. I think that this look would be rather easy to reproduce and fit most life styles and budgets. Ikea may not be great for all things, but it sure is great for nursery furniture. It can take some abuse and serve you well. When it is time to move on there are no strings attached. That is the beauty of Ikea.

Curtain Rod via Holamama and Samantha @ the stroller coaster on Pinterest

This curtain rod stopped me in my tracks. Is it bad that I want to do this in every room in my house? So many possibilities.

dark nursery via Emily Henderson on Pinterest and Belle Maison

I am a huge fan of non traditional nurseries. Who said that a nursery has to be painted in light hues? The key is to balance the light and dark which has been done so well in the above and bellow nurseries.

Little Glass Box Nursery via A Little Glass Box

How can you not love that black and white hand stenciled wall? And the mustard dresser. This is a great example of how you can have a designer look without the checkbook. And really folks, isn’t it nicer to have an eclectic room than one that fell out of a catalog? Just get creative and have fun with it.

mounted animal headsimage via Casa Très Chic

One of my best friends put a series of three different mounted animal heads in her babies room recently. Don’t worry folks, they were representations similar to these, no real taxidermy in the nursery. Some might find them a bit macabre for a children’s room but I think that they are quite whimsical. Also, what a better way to start learning your animals!

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