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Hello there! It has been a while and for that I am sorry. It seems that the last few weeks have slipped way from me. Does that ever happen to you?

With the end of summer and season changes at work I have been a bit out of it. In the middle of all the hustle and bustle the Mister and I took a mini-break and went to Philadelphia for the night to see Madonna. It was a really nice getaway and probably the most time that we have spent together in the past few weeks. The concert was good but I suggest seeing it in a town where people actually like her. The audience vibe was not great, and sadly affected our experience. But that is not what I am here to talk about today. Today I wanted to share our Federal Donuts experience with you.

Federal Donuts | K. Flick Studio

Located in the Pennsport area of South Philly this quaint hole in the wall joint that offers donuts, coffee, and after 11:45 several varieties of fried chicken. It is fairly close to 95 and well worth a quick stop during your travels up and down the seaboard.

Street View at Federal Donuts | K. Flick Studio

We arrived in time to sample all of the doughnuts that they offer. Sadly we were a bit early for the chicken but plan to make another trip up and give it a try as well.

Donuts at Federal Donuts | K. flick Studio

These are the fancy donuts. Look fancy don’t they? Sadly, I cannot quite remember which donuts are which. In the box you will find one of each of the following… Mango-Chile, Strawberry-Rubarb Pie, Creamsicle, Chocolate Covered Banana, Pomegranate-Nutella, and Mandarin-Coffee. I loved the Mango-Chile which is the yellow one in the center of the box. But really, they were all amazing. There are a limited number of fancy donuts made each day. This means that you should arrive early if you are looking to sample all of them.

Hot Federal Donut | K. Flick Studio

If you over sleep don’t despair. The fresh donuts, which they make all day, or at least generally out last the fancies are made to order and wonderful. There are three options all with a sugar based top coat. Appollonia, Indian Cinnamon, and Vanilla-Lavendar. The Mister and I loved the Vanilla-Lavendar.

A Handfull of Federal Donuts | K. Flick Studio

We ate the hot donuts on the shady bench outside the shop and saved the fancies for later. It was the perfect morning snack. Oh, and if you are in Philly and looking for a great place to have brunch I highly suggest Honey’s Sit n’ Eat. Our good friends have been telling us about it for years, and we just made it for the first time during this trip. Well, right after the donuts if you must know.

P.S. Honey’s Sit n’ eat is cash only.

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