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ate it … ice creams at woodberry kitchen

Saturday night the Mister and I went to Woodberry Kitchen for a nice dinner out after a hectic weeks. The whole meal was amazing as always, but the highlight was the ice cream sampler that he got for dessert. So good!

Woodberry Kitchen Ice Creams | K. Flick Studio

The Mr. at Woodberry Kitchen | K. Flick Studio

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new lovelies

Two new lovelies have been added to the jewelry collection today. First up we have Great White. Czech glass is paired with Swarovski crystals for a classic and easy to wear necklace. The Oval Ground earrings have been my go to pair this summer. They add a great pop of color, and dress up my outfits a bit when I am running errands. Be sure to check out collection here.

new k flick studio jewelry

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pinned it … cooked it

Today I am excited to introduce my Mom as a new contributor to the blog, pinned it…cooked it. She is a phenomenal chef and filled my childhood with wonderful meals and a voracious interest, and respect for food. I invited her to share some of her cooking adventures with all of you and can’t wait to get started. Welcome to K. Flick Studio Mama, and without further ado, Mom…

The world is a fascinating place and an ironic one. As my daughter will attest, her mother has a “problem”: with cookbooks, recipes torn from magazines, copies of recipes from the Net and now, Pinterest. I think, subconsciously, it stems from my mother. In the last photo of her she is bent over her kitchen table arranging her recipes, I believe as a legacy to me. Subconsciously, these activities may be an attempt to maintain a connection with her. The irony comes on the scene when, trying to delete some of the recipes torn magazines which have been fermenting in a drawer for possibly 2 decades, I finally made a recipe for asparagus, goat cheese and lemon pasta found in the drawer. Excited by the results, I told Kohli how delicious it was. To say I was startled when she said she had made it 2 weeks before is an understatement. The old recipe had been sequested for decades how could she have made it? She found it on Pinterest. I now keep a catalogue of interesting food recipes on Pinterest. Those recipes I have tried and like I pin with suggestions. Now Kohli and I can share recipes easily and the tradition continues.

asparagus, goat cheese, and lemon pasta

asparagus, goat cheese, and lemon pasta via Pinterest, via smitten kitchen

Fun right? So Mom will be stopping in from time to time and sharing great recipes that she has found on Pinterest, and cooked. She has a collection of images that is definitely worth a gander. Be sure to check her out here. Oh, and try out the recipe, it came together very quickly, and was great for lunch the next day too.

Have a great weekend, what will you be cooking?

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wear it … love it

Woot woot!!! It is time for my 2012 vest purchase, possibly one of my favorite parts of the year. I love quilted vests and for the past few years J. Crew has been killing it. Last year I got this one, and wore it about every day. This year I plan on making this lovely lady mine. I can’t wait for the days to slip into the low 70′s and the nights to provide a chill in the 50′s. Well, a girl can dream can’t she?

wear it ... love it, J. Crew Vest

Excursion Quilted Vest in Herringbone via. J. Crew

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what’s in a window display?

window display inspiration

holiday inspiration from 2011

Every year Baltimore Magazine puts out a Best of issue. This year Trohv was honored with Best Windows, 2012. So we thought now would be a great time do a post on  Trohv’s blog about how we create our award winning window displays. You can find my sneak peek into the work of windows and how we create them at the two stores right here.

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love it … greenmarket purveying

Recently while at work I received a very special package. And let’s face it, any day that you receive a package is a great day. On this day I was introduced to a new candle line from Philadelphia, Greenmarket Purveying Co. Created from a love of the natural, and a desire to create candles that smell like the plant and flowers that inspired them, these candles are phenomenal. My favorite for the summer is Sea Salt. Inspired by warm summer days on the beach it is the perfect clean scent that makes me feel that I am in Maine and not Baltimore.

Sea Salt Greenmarket Purveying Candle No. 002 Sea Salt 

Also, did you see the packaging? So good right. I’m excited to test out No. 011 Wood, and No. 952 Hearth as fall approaches. Greenmarket Purveying Co. also has a few other lines that look enticing that I hope to take a closer look at in the future. Take a few moments, and check them out, you will not be sorry!

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