golden tresses … beach hair

Last fall I said goodbye to my long hair. It had only taken me 30 years to finally grow it out to the length that I thought I always wanted. Turns out, I don’t look so great with long hair. It only took me about 4 years to figure that out. Fortunately I found my hair guru, Bethany, last fall and she showed me my true path. Every once in a while I have a pang for long hair, but it usually passes quickly.

So along with long hair, I have always waned that brown, blond beach hair. Again, it has never been a success. I just came across this image and fell in love. It is pretty much my hair cut, and that works, but will the color? I’ll have to ask Bethany next week when I see her.

Golden Locks Beach Hair | K Flick Studio

color by Johnny Ramirez, photo via Box No. 216

What do you think? Do you have highlights? How do you feel about such drastic color differences?

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