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it’s my favorite … antiquing for the day

One of my favorite things to do on a day off it travel an hour up to Pennsylvania and search the antique malls for great finds. This past Monday was a warm and sunny day, perfect for a drive. I hit the road with Katie, and went off in search of treasure. Not all of my favorite finds came home with me. Sometimes a picture has to be enough.

antiquing button book

vintage water cooler + awesome truck

vintage globe wooden desk

vintage metal boxes

vintage flag

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love it … pinterest finds

We spent the weekend cleaning up our basement. It had become the area of the house where everything that we didn’t know what to do with went to live, never to be seen again. Finally, we had enough and decided to toss everything that we did not need and organize everything that we did. My car is packed with goods going to the consignment shops, and donation drop offs. We are not quite done, but what we managed to accomplish so far feels great.

I did manage to fit in a few minutes with Pinterest and found these lovelies…

pinterest finds

entryway |  tiny dancer | white ceramic | white & blue bag | cinnamon buns       grey & gold earrings | fancy lady | ramen

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love it … online classes

Alt Summit online classes

Last night I participated in my first of two online classes with Alt Channel, and it was fantastic. I spent just over and hour learning some really great things about SEO’s and how to optimize my blog. It was hard to pull myself away from the desk last night before 4am. I also got to reconnect with some lovely ladies that I met at Alt Summit last year. If you are looking for a kick-start with your blog, or a bit of information on a subject you are curious about I would highly recommend signing up for one of these online classes.

I’m off to spend my weekend learning all about SEO’s and how to re-work my web site. What are you up to?

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a sweet treat

Sweet Treat Fondue | K. Flick Studio

Recently some friends came into town and we had an impromptu dinner party. I was working at Trohv that day and thought that it would be the perfect time to try the dark chocolate and fleur de sel fondue we carry. A quick, simple and easy way to deliver a fun delicious sweet treat to my dinner party.

sweet treat fondue

It was a complete success. We cut up some fresh fruit that we had at the house, heated the chocolate, added some pound cake, and were ready to eat. The fleur de sel added such a nice flavor and complimented the chocolate and fruit so well. Now I always keep a jar at the house for unexpected guest.

I wrote this post originally for Trohv’s blog, you can see this post and more here.


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getaway … telluride, Colorado

So it is not really a weekend getaway for us, but a getaway so I think that I’ll count it.

We just got back from a long and fabulous vacation in Telluride, Colorado. You probably already gathered this from the 4th of July post. At this point I have been visiting Telluride for about half my life, and it feels like home. (We even got married there). There is always someone to see, something new to explore, and great food to eat. Oh, the views are not bad either.

Unfortunately I was not as good at taking photos as I should have been this trip. This is generally due to the fact that I leave my wallet, and gasp, phone at home most days. I hardly check my email, and only stay connected through instragram. I love it.

The first day for breakfast we headed downtown to The Butcher & Baker. It opened a few years ago and quickly became a family favorite. Using locally sourced foods, and preparing everything fresh it is hard to go wrong here. Stop in and pick up some salads, or a sandwich for an afternoon hike, be sure to grab a molasses cookie too! Or have a leisurely morning. Fill it with coffee, fresh bloody marry’s with pickled vegetables, and a warm breakfast sandwich on a croissant.

We also went on a number of hikes…

On the last day, after a large lunch of mexican food we headed up the face of a mountain. I am not kidding… So we started on the trail. On this hike we gained 1,800 feet in altitude over 2.6 miles. I live in a city that at its highest point has a difference of 480 feet. It was very quickly obvious that we should not have eaten lunch. We moved slowly, very slowly, but eventually made it. By the end we decided that we will do the hike annually, without lunch.

These pictures were taken from the same spot mid hike. The left is looking back down into town, and the right is looking up to the top of the mountain.

The other highlight of the trip was a visit to Orvis Hot Springs just outside of Norwood, just about an hour from Telluride. The natural lithium hot springs were amazing. Sadly I do not have any photos because use of electronics if strictly forbidden. Why you ask? Nudity, my friends, nudity. These hot springs are clothing optional. Which for the first time in my life I realized meant… we are naked, but you can wear something if you want. Somehow I always thought it meant… we are wearing something, but you can be naked if you want. In all seriousness, we had a great day filled with many new sights. Unlike some hot springs that are commercial and have large pools and slides, Orvis is based in nature and is serene. The springs are open year round and nightly to the public until 10pm. They have a few rooms available and when you stay there you have 24 hour access to the springs. We put this on our list of things to do in the winter and can’t wait!

So that is about all that I have. Not much I know. I have a bunch of other suggestions, and tips for the town. Next time I am there I will be sure to take more pictures and share a guide to the town with you.

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love it … wear it

I am in love with this bag from Zara. A few weeks ago a beautifully styled woman came into Trohv carrying it. I complimented her on it and moved on assuming that it was fancy and pricy. That was until today. Today I found out that it is just fancy, and not pricy! I ask you, what is better than that?

wear it zara shopper

you can find this lady here


lace toms |  jeans | watch | pearl earrings |  pink stripe top | sunnies | bracelet

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