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Last week I was out gathering a few items to use in store displays. I came across a ton of those great little umbrellas that come in only the classiest of drinks. Do you remember getting a drink as a child and receiving one of those little lovelies? It was always such fun. Well for about a minute until it disintegrated in your hands.

cocktail parasol spheres | K. Flick Studio

As soon as I saw them I knew that they would be perfect for some fresh summer displays in the stores. They were super easy to make and would be the perfect addition to any summertime soiree. Below are the steps to make some Parasol Spheres of your own!

     You will need…

          styrofoam spheres, size does not matter

          bakers twine

          cocktail parasols

Begin my tying some bakers twine around the styrofoam ball. I like to tie the twine in quadrants to insure that it will not slip off. Be sure to leave a tail long enough to hang it. Keep in mind that it is easier to cut a longer sting than to fix a shorter one!

Begin placing the open umbrellas in the sphere one by one.  Continue around the sphere making sure to overlap the parasols. Be sure to keep track of your excess string and ensure that it has an exit as your sphere closes.

At this point you should have a lovely sphere ready to hang. They look best in numbers, so have fun and try different color combinations. Enjoy!

parasol spheres | K Flick Studio

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