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it’s good to be independent

The 4th of July is upon us again. What will you be doing this year? I like to spend the 4th with friends and family cooking food, having some good cocktails and spending as much time outside as possible. As with most holiday’s around here we like to be festive, but don’t completely redecorate for the occasion. I simply switch a few things out for some reds and blues, and voilà, instant patriotism!

We used red lanterns as part of the decor at our rehearsal dinner four years ago and they have continued to prove handy. They add such a nice touch for summer entertaining, and holiday cheer in the winter. Super versatile, and a very effective addition. I also LOVE flag cake. It seems so simple, but I do love it. I had it for the first time years ago while visiting a friend in Colorado and have been hooked ever since. It is the perfect addition to any 4th get together.

Good luck in pulling together your celebration. If you are visiting someone else’s house be sure to bring something festive that will spread some holiday cheer!

4th July 2012 | K Flick Studio  lanterns | flag cake |  sparklers | ice cream | drink dispenser | napkins | tub   snowcone papers | beer garden table | beer

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weekend getaway … lewes, delaware

Last weekend we went to Lewes, Delaware with my husband’s family. It was great to catch up with everyone and have a bit of rest and relaxation. Lewes is a beautiful little town, actually the first settled in Delaware. There are a handful of little shops, and wonderful restaurants that we enjoy visiting each year. It seems like it is straight out of Gilmore Girls. If you are in the area be sure to put it on your list. We stayed all day on Monday to soak up all the sun and were treated to a beautiful drive home. The perfect ending to a great weekend!

sunset drive Lewes, Delaware| K Flick Studio

Sadly I was not very good about snapping photos this weekend. But thought I would mention a few of our favorite things to do when we are in Lewes.

we ate at…

Agave - fantastic Mexican, wish that we had a location in Baltimore. We always have relaxing flavorful meals here. Start off with a tequila flight, or margarita. Be sure to try some fresh guacamole. I had the fish tacos, JP sampled the chicken mole enchiladas. Both were fresh and beautifully presented. I should also mention the amazing black beans. They are perfect. I could eat them everyday for lunch and be happy! We were surprised and excited to see an addition to the restaurant from the last time we are there. You now walk into a small little market area where you can take home some fresh salsa, or desserts made in small jars for the perfect take home treat.

Half Full – great pizza. The family always gets take out pizza the first night at the shore. This year we decided to try a new place and I am so happy we did. With pizzas like the Dublin Pig and Corn and Crab it is hard to go wrong. The Dublin Pig was possibly my favorite. With dubliner cheese, slow cooked pork, granny smith apples, and a balsamic glaze it is hard to go wrong.

Kindle – a sister restaurant to Half Full and local favorite Striper Bites means that you are going to have a great meal. We stumbled into Kindle for lunch on Sunday when JP was getting a bit hangry and it was the closest restaurant. So happy that we did! With a menu serving seasonal american fare it is just what we needed. I had a wonderful fish BLT, and some of the best french fries that I have ever eaten. JP had the Dublin Pig, a huge pork sandwich on a butter brioche bun. The sandwich version of the pizza it is not to be missed. We will be going back again next year for sure!


we visited…

Cape Henlopen State Park – a beautiful state park with walking trails, a WW II lookout tower that provides 360 views, and beaches. Just a quick walk, bike or car ride from where we stay this is one of our favorite places. I would recommend packing a picnic and going to the beach around 6pm for a leisurely dinner and evening swim.

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make it … cocktail parasol spheres

Last week I was out gathering a few items to use in store displays. I came across a ton of those great little umbrellas that come in only the classiest of drinks. Do you remember getting a drink as a child and receiving one of those little lovelies? It was always such fun. Well for about a minute until it disintegrated in your hands.

cocktail parasol spheres | K. Flick Studio

As soon as I saw them I knew that they would be perfect for some fresh summer displays in the stores. They were super easy to make and would be the perfect addition to any summertime soiree. Below are the steps to make some Parasol Spheres of your own!

     You will need…

          styrofoam spheres, size does not matter

          bakers twine

          cocktail parasols

Begin my tying some bakers twine around the styrofoam ball. I like to tie the twine in quadrants to insure that it will not slip off. Be sure to leave a tail long enough to hang it. Keep in mind that it is easier to cut a longer sting than to fix a shorter one!

Begin placing the open umbrellas in the sphere one by one.  Continue around the sphere making sure to overlap the parasols. Be sure to keep track of your excess string and ensure that it has an exit as your sphere closes.

At this point you should have a lovely sphere ready to hang. They look best in numbers, so have fun and try different color combinations. Enjoy!

parasol spheres | K Flick Studio

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what a doozy

Sorry that I have been gone for a bit. I am in the process of making some changes on the site, and unfortunately made one that was a disaster. Finally it is all wrapped up, and everything is working just fine. But for now, I am off to the pool!

image via pinterest

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