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It is no secret that I love free things. Water bottles, pencils, tote bags, key chains, really anything. Earlier this year when I attend Alt Summit I came home with so many extra goodies my bag was overweight. Fortunately I had a wonderful travel companion who was kind enough to take on some of my loot.

Last week at NSS was no different. I think that there is a secret competition for best swag. If there is not, there should be. I’ll be happy to judge. Bellow are some of my favorite finds from this years show.

NSS Swag | K Flick Studio

Paper Lovely provided two gift tags from her lovely line, I will put them to good use I am sure. Sugarcube Press and one Canoe two both added two lovely letterpress coasters to my collection. I’m excited to frame the cute print from This Paper Ship and hang it on one of our bedroom doors. Wild Ink had thumb drives with their catalog made up. I think this is a great idea. Something that I can use everyday, and have their information right at hand.

Belle & Union Swag | K Flick Studio

Belle & Union supplied me with a very useful pen and letterpress notebook. Both of which I used for the rest of the show.

Fawnsberg Swag | K. Flick Studio

I was so happy when I saw the bowl of these lovely erasers in the Fawnsberg booth. And only made happier when I was handed one!

Wednesday Swag | K. Flick Studio

This little survival kit was just the thing that I needed at the show. While it was wednesday‘s first time at the show, they had a clear grasp on what it takes to survive three days in the Javits center. I’m excited to see what goodies people will have lined up for next year.

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