1,460 days

It has been 1,460 days since I married JP. Today is our fourth anniversary and I thought that I would take a look back at May 25, 2008.

Flick Wedding | K. Flick Studio

We married on top of the mountains in Telluride, Colorado Memorial Day weekend 2008. It was perfect. JP had Salmonellosis, you know as in Salmonella poisoning. Telluride had a huge snowfall that winter and late melt so there was mud everywhere. There were tornadoes in Denver and some of our guest got stuck there overnight. It was at this point that our family motto became It is what it is! To be clear this is not used in a lie down and take it kind of way. More of a can’t do anything about it so don’t stress approach to things.

Other than JP really being very sick the other issues were not tragic. Poor JP,on the other hand, almost did not make it to the courthouse to get the wedding certificate. He lost so much weight that his wedding band no longer fit. It literally flew off his finger and across our reception. {Clearly the first indication that this was not the ring for him. It was lost forever in a tubing incident later that summer} Fortunately he was feeling a small bit better on the day of the wedding and was able to attend.

kissing | K. Flick Studio

Ceremony | K. Flick Studio

Wedding Bouquet | K. Flick Studio

To Have & To Hold | K. Flick Studio

Hunters | K. Flick Studio

The bridal party all wore Hunter’s. With all the mud it made much more sense than trying to trudge around in some fancy delicate shoes.

Gondola | K. Flick Studio

To get to and from the top of the mountain in Telluride there is a free gondola. It is part of their public transportation system and it is amazing. My lovely mom made the Just Married sign that made the ride extra special.

Hold Me Tight | K. Flick Studio

Usually around this time of year I take out our wedding photos and look through them. Each year I appreciate them more and more, and my favorites change. It is always nice to think about all of our friends and family who were there to support, and share the time with us.

It is hard to imagine how I got so lucky to spend my life with this amazing man.

Photography by IlluminArts Photography

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  1. Julie January 13, 2014 at 3:33 pm #

    Hi! We are getting married in Telluride next month- I am curious- how wide was your just married sign for the gondola?


    • Kohli April 30, 2014 at 11:55 am #

      Hi Julie! I am so sorry I didn’t see this. My mom actually made the sign for us. I hope you had a beautiful wedding. XO


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