what a week

Have you ever done something with the best of intentions only to have it blow up in your face? Well that is what happened to me last week. We were headed home for a week of rest and relaxation with my parents. I thought, what a great time to make some changes on my site. I’ll have large chunks of time that I can sit down, un interrupted, and really get into some projects.

We pack up, have a calm ride to the airport, walk 5 feet in and Mr. Awesome stops in his tracks. He has forgotten his iPhone on the charger at home. He turns pale, looks at his watch, and calculates how to get home, retrieve the phone, and make the flight. It is not going to happen. We agree that a friend will overnight it to us, and that will just have to work.

A bit flustered we enter TSA. I am behind a man who takes five bins. Five!!! What is that? I am trying to be efficient and get my laptop, iPad, shoes, scarf, vest, bags, sorted into their two bins and balance the first bin on the counter. As I reach down to pick up my shoes, the bin slips off the table. My laptop and iPad crash to the floor. Upon inspection the case seems a bit dented but fine. There is nothing that I can do about it so I move along.

Two nights later we are all sitting around the kitchen table and I turn the laptop on. Nothing happens. I shut it down. I start it up. I shut it down. I start it up. Nothing… I make an appointment for the next day.

The next day I am told that I could sell the laptop for parts for as much as the replacement part to fix it will cost. I buy a new computer. The screen is not working, so I pay to have the hard drive¬†transferred. Four hours later I get a call that my computers are ready for pick up and nothing had been transferred because… the hard drive is dead. Fantastic!!!

We have now made it back home and I am making my way through restoring for my external hard drive. It looks like I did not lose anything, fingers crosses. Now I just have to protect this one with my life. Oof…

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