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love it … summer style

It has already warmed up to the mid nineties in Baltimore, how about where you are? When it gets hot all I want to wear is a dress. Also, it makes getting ready a snap, and is an easy summer style to love. Apparently I am interested in blues, whites, and corals this season. How can you go wrong with that color palate?

Summer Loving Summer style | K. Flick Studio

striped white dress | casual in jeans | kate spade | coral dress    tracy reese | wrap dress | eyelet dress | shirt dress

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love it … what i’m wearing now

Each season I gather accessories that are my go to additions to any outfit. Sometimes items carry over from season to season, but this summer I am feeling the desire for some new additions. A great handbag that can hold sketchbooks, sunscreens, lip balms and much more. Like a cheery wallet that in a pinch is a great clutch.

I also like to always have layers in the summer. Going from the heat and humidity of Baltimore’s summers to the cool of air-conditioned buildings can be a shock. I try to always have a cardigan or scarf to add a little warmth when needed.

 What I'm Wearing Now May 2012

iPhone case | earrings | handbag | wallet | scarves

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NSS swag

It is no secret that I love free things. Water bottles, pencils, tote bags, key chains, really anything. Earlier this year when I attend Alt Summit I came home with so many extra goodies my bag was overweight. Fortunately I had a wonderful travel companion who was kind enough to take on some of my loot.

Last week at NSS was no different. I think that there is a secret competition for best swag. If there is not, there should be. I’ll be happy to judge. Bellow are some of my favorite finds from this years show.

NSS Swag | K Flick Studio

Paper Lovely provided two gift tags from her lovely line, I will put them to good use I am sure. Sugarcube Press and one Canoe two both added two lovely letterpress coasters to my collection. I’m excited to frame the cute print from This Paper Ship and hang it on one of our bedroom doors. Wild Ink had thumb drives with their catalog made up. I think this is a great idea. Something that I can use everyday, and have their information right at hand.

Belle & Union Swag | K Flick Studio

Belle & Union supplied me with a very useful pen and letterpress notebook. Both of which I used for the rest of the show.

Fawnsberg Swag | K. Flick Studio

I was so happy when I saw the bowl of these lovely erasers in the Fawnsberg booth. And only made happier when I was handed one!

Wednesday Swag | K. Flick Studio

This little survival kit was just the thing that I needed at the show. While it was wednesday‘s first time at the show, they had a clear grasp on what it takes to survive three days in the Javits center. I’m excited to see what goodies people will have lined up for next year.

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1,460 days

It has been 1,460 days since I married JP. Today is our fourth anniversary and I thought that I would take a look back at May 25, 2008.

Flick Wedding | K. Flick Studio

We married on top of the mountains in Telluride, Colorado Memorial Day weekend 2008. It was perfect. JP had Salmonellosis, you know as in Salmonella poisoning. Telluride had a huge snowfall that winter and late melt so there was mud everywhere. There were tornadoes in Denver and some of our guest got stuck there overnight. It was at this point that our family motto became It is what it is! To be clear this is not used in a lie down and take it kind of way. More of a can’t do anything about it so don’t stress approach to things.

Other than JP really being very sick the other issues were not tragic. Poor JP,on the other hand, almost did not make it to the courthouse to get the wedding certificate. He lost so much weight that his wedding band no longer fit. It literally flew off his finger and across our reception. {Clearly the first indication that this was not the ring for him. It was lost forever in a tubing incident later that summer} Fortunately he was feeling a small bit better on the day of the wedding and was able to attend.

kissing | K. Flick Studio

Ceremony | K. Flick Studio

Wedding Bouquet | K. Flick Studio

To Have & To Hold | K. Flick Studio

Hunters | K. Flick Studio

The bridal party all wore Hunter’s. With all the mud it made much more sense than trying to trudge around in some fancy delicate shoes.

Gondola | K. Flick Studio

To get to and from the top of the mountain in Telluride there is a free gondola. It is part of their public transportation system and it is amazing. My lovely mom made the Just Married sign that made the ride extra special.

Hold Me Tight | K. Flick Studio

Usually around this time of year I take out our wedding photos and look through them. Each year I appreciate them more and more, and my favorites change. It is always nice to think about all of our friends and family who were there to support, and share the time with us.

It is hard to imagine how I got so lucky to spend my life with this amazing man.

Photography by IlluminArts Photography

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for the love of paper

I just returned from the National Stationery Show in New York and had such a great time. I got to see a ton of friends, meet a bunch of people who I admire, and eat lots of great food. Quite a toss-up for what I enjoyed the most. My full NSS show recap is over on the Trohv blog. But, I thought that I would share some images that I did not feature in the Trohv piece with all of you!

One of my favorites of the show was Belle & Union Co. Meg and her husband live in Savanna, Georgia and have created a really special line.

The little touches, like the camper, really made this booth special for me.

Belle & Union Tea Towels NSS via K Flick Studio

Dishtowels that come packaged in hand printed berry baskets…

Belle & Union Oil Bottles at NSS via K Flick Studio

Just some little objects to create a story, great merchandising.

The Regional Assembly of Text was at the show for the first time and had lovely cards. Many of them incorporated buttons so it only made sense that they also packaged and sold buttons as well. I loved the Great Outdoors set but was also very tempted by the Sailors and Pirates collection.

Buttons by The Regional Assembly of Text via K Flick Studio

The Linda & Harriett 2013 oversized calendar was the hit of the show. Everyone was talking about it. More a piece of art, or pieces of art then a family calendar this is a truly special piece. I am planning on hanging mine at the top of our stairs.

Linda and Harriett 2013 Calendar via K Flick Studio


Wild Ink Press is one of my favorite place to stop in and visit. This year there were three dozen new cards, and a ton of awards by the end of the show! One of my favorite series was the Three Things cards. Also, there is always fantastic swag at Rebekah’s booth. This year there were key fobs fashioned from vintage wood type.

Wild Ink Press Things That Stink via K Flick Studio

Wild Ink Press Wood Type Key Fobs vis K Flick Studio

My new crush this year is Sugar Paper from LA. They have a really nice balance of fancy sophistication with a touch of rustic. Right up my alley. You should also check them out on Pinterest, their boards are dreamy! My four-year wedding anniversary is this weekend so I thought I would share some mushy cards. While a lot of people say it, I am luck enough to be among the few, who did fall in love with my best friend. We have been together for 12 years and I still consider this to be true!

Sugar Paper Lucky Card via K Flick Studio

Sugar Paper Anniversary Card via K Flick Studio

For more details and pictures be sure and check out the Trohv blog!

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thrill of the hunt … brimfield

Now that I am home from Brimfield and sorting through all of my finds, and all the great finds for work I thought it would be the perfect time to share a few pictures from my week away.

picking through an old barn filled to the brim with all kinds of goodies

tons, and tons of old boxes, great for personal use and display

six seats and one set of pedals, someone has a tough road ahead of them

pulled from an old amusement park ride, wish this could have come home with me

two of these are for our kitchen when we take down the wall

all packed up and ready to go

we made a quick stop at the Samuel Clemens house on the way home

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