spring weekends

Since we moved into our house three years ago I have been focusing most of my energy on the interior. This year I decided that I was tired of having a disastrous front and back yard, and I was going to do something about it. So out came the shovel and to work I went. Here are a few quick shots of what I accomplished thus far.

Our postal carrier walks across all of our yards each day, and many of the neighbors have put out little pathways. As I was deciding what to do with the yard I knew that a path was a priority. The rocks were salvaged from the back yard, and rolled around the block in a wheelbarrow. I have since finished the path, it only took me a few hours to dig the dirt, lay the stones, and fill dirt back in around them. I also managed to transplant some peonies and lilies of the valley from the back to the front. Thus far everyone is still alive and thriving. Fingers crossed.

I am still trying to figure out what to do with the rest of the yard, it is all dirt at the moment. We do not want grass so I am on the hunt for a good ground cover that will not harbor rodents looking for a cozy home. Any suggestions?

The lower portion of our yard is just a small bed alongside the sidewalk. When we moved in there was a mound of dirt that went about a third of the way up the wall. I spent a long day last summer tossing most of it up and over the wall into the main yard. There was still a little bit to be done this year.  Once that was finished, I laid a nice stone border to try and keep the dirt and mulch in its proper area. Again, the stones were all gathered from out front and back yard. I plan on planting some hostas here later this spring. So that is what I have been up to in my yard. What have you been doing?

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