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I spent the past few days in North Carolina on a buying trip with work. While on these trips we always try and find some good eats, sometime it is easy, and sometimes it is not. This trip proved to be a bit more of a challenge. In the end we did end up with some good eats, and southern staples.

Day One 

A completely new eatery to me, Biscuitville is just as it says. They serve biscuits with different items on them and that is about it. Open from 5am to 2pm, it is really for the early birds. We ate here twice, really there were not a lot of options. My highlight was the warm syrup dispenser right next to the iced teas at the beverage counter.

Day Two 

The Waffle House, yet another new experience for me. For years I have heard friends from the south speak fondly of the Waffle House and how wonderful it is. I am not quite sure where they were as opposed to where I was. Let’s just say that I can say that I have been there and never need to go back. In all reality it was fine, just not something that I need to repeat.

Day Three

Again, Biscuitville… During this trip I noticed that there are no vegetables on the menu. It was then pointed out to me that on the club sandwich lies a lonely tomato, and small bit of lettuce. Other than that, none, no where, nothing. How is this possible?

Day Four 

On the way home we stopped in Greensboro, North Carolina for some Barbecue. I tried some chicken, and chopped pork with sides of coleslaw, and baked beans. The highlights were the hush puppies, and the iced tea. Not only was it the best tea that I had while I was traveling but it was served with crushed ice, could it be any better?

Now that I am home I am eating as many salads and vegetables as a person can in a day.

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