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Just over three years ago we bought our first home, a 1927 row home in Baltimore city. Built using gorgeous stone from a nearby quarry we have a ton of original detail left in the house. Inlaid wood floors, a great sun room off the front of the house, and original black and white tile in the bathroom. This being said it is not old and stuffy. We actually have a rather open floor plan on the first floor with the exception of the kitchen.

There has always been a plan to take down the wall between the kitchen and dining room but we have not gotten around to it yet. I am hoping that it will happen this year and have started in on my plans. I am on the hunt for the perfect vintage, or industrial piece for the island that will serve as a work surface and counter seating for a few people. I plan on topping the piece with butchers block to give it a good working surface.

Who knows what I will end up doing, but for this week I am dreaming of these things! Our everyday glasses are the thick jar like ones shown below. I have used them for years now and love them due to their durability and industrial feel. I have been thinking about painting the kitchen walls green chalkboard since I saw this on pinterest months ago.

Do you plan out rooms in your house, or just let them develop naturally?


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