cook it … cast iron pizza

Months ago our friend Ben introduced us to cast iron pizzas. They are now one of our favorite things to eat, and lucky for me, one of my husbands favorite things to cook. Ideally we make our own pizza dough which is really easy, but does take a bit of planing which we are not always the best at. So on nights when we have not thought ahead we pick up some fresh dough from the grocery and go to town.

By cooking the pizza in a hot cast iron skillet you are able to create the great crust, taste, and texture of a wood fired dough. Because these pizzas are small if you are serving more than two it is best if you can have two skillets in rotation.

To makes these tasty pies at home you will need a cast iron skillet, stove top, and broiler. It is as easy as one – two – three.

- one - 

heat the cast iron skillet over high heat, and put a bit of cornmeal on the bottom of the pan

- two - 

place your dough in the skillet and add you toppings, cook over high heat until the bottom is crisp

- three - 

slip the pan into the broiler, preheated of course, until the topping are cooked to your liking


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