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spring weekends

Since we moved into our house three years ago I have been focusing most of my energy on the interior. This year I decided that I was tired of having a disastrous front and back yard, and I was going to do something about it. So out came the shovel and to work I went. Here are a few quick shots of what I accomplished thus far.

Our postal carrier walks across all of our yards each day, and many of the neighbors have put out little pathways. As I was deciding what to do with the yard I knew that a path was a priority. The rocks were salvaged from the back yard, and rolled around the block in a wheelbarrow. I have since finished the path, it only took me a few hours to dig the dirt, lay the stones, and fill dirt back in around them. I also managed to transplant some peonies and lilies of the valley from the back to the front. Thus far everyone is still alive and thriving. Fingers crossed.

I am still trying to figure out what to do with the rest of the yard, it is all dirt at the moment. We do not want grass so I am on the hunt for a good ground cover that will not harbor rodents looking for a cozy home. Any suggestions?

The lower portion of our yard is just a small bed alongside the sidewalk. When we moved in there was a mound of dirt that went about a third of the way up the wall. I spent a long day last summer tossing most of it up and over the wall into the main yard. There was still a little bit to be done this year.  Once that was finished, I laid a nice stone border to try and keep the dirt and mulch in its proper area. Again, the stones were all gathered from out front and back yard. I plan on planting some hostas here later this spring. So that is what I have been up to in my yard. What have you been doing?

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happy weekend … forsythia

I have been busy doing some major spring cleaning before an after work this week. I am never much good at scheduling time for these things and never want to do them when I have to. So when I come home and start dusting and end up taking every shelf and drawer out of my refrigerator I just go with it. How do you clean? Schedule or impromptu?

I wanted to sign off for the week with a photo of forsythia that I took about a month ago. I look forward to the cheery yellow blossoms every spring. It is always such a nice addition to our home for a few weeks while it is in bloom.

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ate it … good old southern food

I spent the past few days in North Carolina on a buying trip with work. While on these trips we always try and find some good eats, sometime it is easy, and sometimes it is not. This trip proved to be a bit more of a challenge. In the end we did end up with some good eats, and southern staples.

Day One 

A completely new eatery to me, Biscuitville is just as it says. They serve biscuits with different items on them and that is about it. Open from 5am to 2pm, it is really for the early birds. We ate here twice, really there were not a lot of options. My highlight was the warm syrup dispenser right next to the iced teas at the beverage counter.

Day Two 

The Waffle House, yet another new experience for me. For years I have heard friends from the south speak fondly of the Waffle House and how wonderful it is. I am not quite sure where they were as opposed to where I was. Let’s just say that I can say that I have been there and never need to go back. In all reality it was fine, just not something that I need to repeat.

Day Three

Again, Biscuitville… During this trip I noticed that there are no vegetables on the menu. It was then pointed out to me that on the club sandwich lies a lonely tomato, and small bit of lettuce. Other than that, none, no where, nothing. How is this possible?

Day Four 

On the way home we stopped in Greensboro, North Carolina for some Barbecue. I tried some chicken, and chopped pork with sides of coleslaw, and baked beans. The highlights were the hush puppies, and the iced tea. Not only was it the best tea that I had while I was traveling but it was served with crushed ice, could it be any better?

Now that I am home I am eating as many salads and vegetables as a person can in a day.

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kitchen dreaming

Just over three years ago we bought our first home, a 1927 row home in Baltimore city. Built using gorgeous stone from a nearby quarry we have a ton of original detail left in the house. Inlaid wood floors, a great sun room off the front of the house, and original black and white tile in the bathroom. This being said it is not old and stuffy. We actually have a rather open floor plan on the first floor with the exception of the kitchen.

There has always been a plan to take down the wall between the kitchen and dining room but we have not gotten around to it yet. I am hoping that it will happen this year and have started in on my plans. I am on the hunt for the perfect vintage, or industrial piece for the island that will serve as a work surface and counter seating for a few people. I plan on topping the piece with butchers block to give it a good working surface.

Who knows what I will end up doing, but for this week I am dreaming of these things! Our everyday glasses are the thick jar like ones shown below. I have used them for years now and love them due to their durability and industrial feel. I have been thinking about painting the kitchen walls green chalkboard since I saw this on pinterest months ago.

Do you plan out rooms in your house, or just let them develop naturally?


oyster print | pendant | monogram range | tumblers

chalkboard paintmixing bowls

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cook it … cast iron pizza

Months ago our friend Ben introduced us to cast iron pizzas. They are now one of our favorite things to eat, and lucky for me, one of my husbands favorite things to cook. Ideally we make our own pizza dough which is really easy, but does take a bit of planing which we are not always the best at. So on nights when we have not thought ahead we pick up some fresh dough from the grocery and go to town.

By cooking the pizza in a hot cast iron skillet you are able to create the great crust, taste, and texture of a wood fired dough. Because these pizzas are small if you are serving more than two it is best if you can have two skillets in rotation.

To makes these tasty pies at home you will need a cast iron skillet, stove top, and broiler. It is as easy as one – two – three.

- one - 

heat the cast iron skillet over high heat, and put a bit of cornmeal on the bottom of the pan

- two - 

place your dough in the skillet and add you toppings, cook over high heat until the bottom is crisp

- three - 

slip the pan into the broiler, preheated of course, until the topping are cooked to your liking


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love it … brown paper

One of my favorite parts of my job is finding new designers. Recently I was introduced to Brown Paper, a boutique card shop out of London. Sarah and Juliette are cousins who have teamed up to create this sweet, cheery, and fresh paper line. They have a really lovely selection of ready to send cards, here are a few of my favorites. Gold and glitter, done!

They also run Bespoke by Brown Paper, their  custom line which is quite fun! I love nothing more than custom stationery, invitations, and greetings.

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