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So finally on Sunday, after months of waiting, Mad Men premiered for its fifth season. Did you watch? We did. What did you think? I am still digesting everything, and think that I might go back and re-watch it but in general I’m excited for the season. Monday’s Fresh Air was completely dedicated to Matthew Weiner, the creator of Man Men. The show gave some insight into the plot and character choices that were made. If you have not already heard it you might want to take a listen.

In honor of the show my husband, sometimes we call him Mr. Awesome, made Old Fashioned cocktails for all of us. They were perfect!

Mr. Awesome’s Old Fashioned

orange | maraschino cherries | bourbon  | water

 ice |lemon | sugar cubes | orange bitters

place one sugar cube  in a rocks glass

+ add +

 3 dashes of orange bitters  – 1 teaspoon maraschino cherry juice   1 teaspoon water

use your muddler and crush up the sugar cube until it is dissolved

+ add +

a section of the orange & one cherry – muddle these with the sugar mixture

+ add +

 2.5oz bourbon & continue to muddle 

+ add +

 ice to fill the glass 

cut a tick piece of lemon rind – twist it to release the oils and rim the glass  - drop it into the cocktail 

a good Old Fashioned should take no less than 3 minutes to make

These are one of my favorite drinks. I highly suggest you try one out if you are not already a fan. Cheers!

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