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sugar house

Oh Friday you are finally here. I wanted to spend the day cozied up in bed with lots of down pillows, and a super soft comforter. Alas, there are things to be done.

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mix it … old fashioned

So finally on Sunday, after months of waiting, Mad Men premiered for its fifth season. Did you watch? We did. What did you think? I am still digesting everything, and think that I might go back and re-watch it but in general I’m excited for the season. Monday’s Fresh Air was completely dedicated to Matthew Weiner, the creator of Man Men. The show gave some insight into the plot and character choices that were made. If you have not already heard it you might want to take a listen.

In honor of the show my husband, sometimes we call him Mr. Awesome, made Old Fashioned cocktails for all of us. They were perfect!

Mr. Awesome’s Old Fashioned

orange | maraschino cherries | bourbon  | water

 ice |lemon | sugar cubes | orange bitters

place one sugar cube  in a rocks glass

+ add +

 3 dashes of orange bitters  – 1 teaspoon maraschino cherry juice   1 teaspoon water

use your muddler and crush up the sugar cube until it is dissolved

+ add +

a section of the orange & one cherry – muddle these with the sugar mixture

+ add +

 2.5oz bourbon & continue to muddle 

+ add +

 ice to fill the glass 

cut a tick piece of lemon rind – twist it to release the oils and rim the glass  - drop it into the cocktail 

a good Old Fashioned should take no less than 3 minutes to make

These are one of my favorite drinks. I highly suggest you try one out if you are not already a fan. Cheers!

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warm days + cool nights

One of my favorite parts of the spring are the warm days and cool nights. There is nothing better than feeling warm and sun sunkissed during the day and snuggling up with a great blanket by the fire at night.

For a great campfire we always have a few things on hand. Giant Campfire marshmallows, these are really giant! They each weigh in at 1 oz, and make the perfect smore. Coupled with Jules Destrooper butter crisp cookies, and Hershey’s chocolate you are in for a real treat. I always have a fleece popover on hand to layer as the night gets cooler and the fire dies down. So cozy, I can hardly stand it!

giant marshmallows | cozy pullover |  marshmallow roaster

chocolate bar | cookiesknit throw blanket

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it’s my favorite … urbanears headphones

It is true, I love pop music. Anything with a peppy step that I can dance around to is right up my alley. Sadly, I live in a row home and I am sure that my neighbors do not share my love of the pumped up jams. This is where my headphones come into play. Well really the 200th place because I use them all the time.

Over the past year my so-so headphones that came with my iPhone gave out. I needed a small pair that I could use at the gym, in the car, at work, while cleaning the house, and for extended conversations with friends and family. Sadly I tried a few options that did not end well. If I had only known about Urbanears sooner!

image via

Urbanears are produced by a collective in Stockholm, Sweden. They believe that headphone should not only have superior sounds but function as an addition to your wardrobe. Here is where I get really excited! Each season they release new colors, yup colors! No longer are you restricted to matte black, or dingy white. I’m in love with the Medis in Raspberry, and Platan in Indigo. Paired with a fabric cord and microphone remote for my phone I am set.

image via

What color do you like? What new music would you recommend?

Here is a bit of what I am listening to these days, encase you were interest.

Britney Spears, Femme Fatale
Florence + The Machine, Ceremonials 
Adele, 21
The Black Keys, El Camino
Radio Lab
This American Life
Fresh Air 

Happy listening!

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cook it … breakfast sandwich

{photo via A Communal Table}

Oh how I wish that I was eating this right now. Sadly I am out of quick breakfast food, and am in the mood for something with great depth of flavor, texture, and perhaps some cured meat. I think a bacon, lettuce, and tomato french toast would do the treat. Perhaps this weekend! Pop on over here for the recipe.

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love it … black white navy & gold

{image from Kateslikes}

If there are four colors the I wear all the time they are black, white, navy and gold. Oh and always with denim. Perhaps I am still working through going to a high school that only allowed denim on Fridays, but really, why would I ever wear anything else? So for these reasons I just love this image. It is quintessential Boat Kohli.

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