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ate it … blacksauce kitchen brunch

If you want to do one thing for yourself each month you should go to the brunch at the Creative Alliance that Blacksauce Kitchen puts on.

Mr. Flick and I went for the first time a few weeks ago and ordered almost the entire menu. Next time we plan on bringing a larger crowd so there are more plates to share around.

fresh, hot fluffy biscuit | apricot preserves

grit fritters | local micro greens | roasted tomoatoes

sweet potato beignets with a citrus drizzle

pan fried pork chop | micro greens | corn bread pudding | vanilla and pear parfait

I also need to mention that Mr. Flick got ox tail with fried kale, and polenta. I did not get a good photo of the dish because he was to anxious to dig in. Oh and smoked Bloody Mary’s to die for!

You can find Blacksauce Kitchen at the 32nd Street Farmer’s Market in Baltimore every Saturday. They serve up glorious biscuit sandwiches, generally a meat and vegetarian option. In the winter there is also a gravy option ranging from mushroom, to smoked shrimp.

Do you have a favorite Saturday morning spot?

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tasty treats

This week I had the pleasure of authoring my first post on Trohv’s new blog. I did a little feature on my new favorite dessert cookbook, The Treats Truck, by  Kim Ima. Head on over and take a look, the book is also available in both stores, and online.

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a new room

After thinking, and talking about it for three years, I finally decided to go ahead and buy the Dash & Albert Rug that I have been lusting after. It took a bit of maneuvering, we did not move the bed out of the room to put the rug down, but it looks great. It has completely changed the feeling of the room, I get so excited every time I walk in. The room is almost finished, left on the list are bedside sconces, and a frame for the bed.

rug | sconce | bed frame

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do you know fishs eddy?

Fishs Eddy has been one of my favorite spots to shop for years. Even when my husband was just a boyfriend he would take deep sigh every time I made my way in knowing that he was in for eat least an hour of walking around. The end result would be heavy bags filled with breakable items that now somehow needed to make it through the rest of the day in New York, and back home to Baltimore. Over the years I have gotten better about leaving with only a few things that I love not everything that I love. This way it is always exciting to go back, always in search of the perfect kitchen item. Here are a few of the items that keep me going back.


Have you been to Fishs Eddy? What are your favorite items?

cake stand | blue storage bowl | yellow storage bowl

 side plate | kitchen bowl | diner mug

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ate it … momofuku noodle bar

So I made it to two of my three food stops in New York last week. I ended up swapping Buvette for The Meatball Shop and dinner with an old friend. As always all of the meals were out of this world. While dining at Momofuku Noodle Bar I had to be remind every time a new plate came that I should take photo, then eat. I am thankful for the stern warnings that my eating partner provided as I now have a great journal of the evening.

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