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My parents are in town visiting and my mom and I are side by side on the sofa busy on our pinterest accounts. I stumbled across a project that I did for ReadyMade  last fall on a pinboard that I follow. It was really very exciting. I then realized that I did not have the image pined, and that I actually had never really shared the image or the full project for planted saplings here. So a year late, but better than never! Enjoy

For this project you will need…

  • basalm firm plug transplants
  • miscellaneous containers, I used canning jars
  • potting soil

1. Purchase saplings from a local garden center or They generally come anywhere from 5 to 14 inches, and take only a few days to ship.

2. Put some dirt into the bottom of your jar. The amount will depend on the depth of the container, at least an inch is a good base.

3. Place your sapling into the container and fill with dirt. Be sure that your roots are covered.

4. Water sparingly as there is no drainage.

5. When you are finished with your decorations donate the trees to a local school, city project, nursing home, or association of our choice.

This is such a fun project that I have done for many years. These are also fantastic hostess gifts, or projects for kiddos.

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