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I have recently received a few emails about how we created the pencil globes that were in one of the photos from the Trohv DC grand opening post that I did a few months ago. So here is my how to, you will need to gather the following items.

Sharpen all of your pencils. You will need tons, and tons. The size of the styrofoam globe will dictate how many pencils you will need. I think that there are upwards of 400 pencils on each of our spheres. If you will be hanging your globes tie some heavy twine around them a few times. Make sure that it can hold a lot of weight as these will get heavy.

Make a small pool of hot glue on a piece of paper, and dip the tip of a sharpened pencil into it. Immediately plunge the pencil tip into the styrofoam globe. I prefer to work in a grid, but you can be a little less retentive, and place the pencils as you like. The results will be about the same. You can always go back in and fill in holes at the end.

That’s it! Nice and simple.

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  1. Elizabeth Eadie September 29, 2011 at 3:28 pm #

    I meant to ask you about those! So glad you shared :D

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