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it’s that time already

Last year we ordered holiday cards from for the first time and I loved them. I am so excited to pick out what we are going to send this year. It seems like a daily I get an email from them, and today I happened to be at my computer instead of phone. So I took the time to click through and see what some of our options might be. Immediately I fell in love with this great design by j.bartin design from New York City. We will not be able to use this card, not enough going on with us this year!  But I think that it is great, and a nice way to tell people what your family has been up to in a fun, and  unique way.

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cook it … late again

It is true I am late, or just barely on time to most things. It is something that I do not love, and try to fix, but it seems that it might just be the way it is. Like my mother, I consider myself a time optimist. Thanks mom! So it is no surprise that I realized that minute that today was Rosh Hashana, and that I should make a really nice meal for tonight. It looks like it is actually not going to happen, I offered to do a favor for a friend, but this is what I would cook, if I was going to cook.

Martha Stewart

Red Wine Braised Beef Brisket by Martha Stewart

I think that I might make this another night this week. Complete with kugel, roasted vegetables, and honey cake.

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make it … pencil globe

I have recently received a few emails about how we created the pencil globes that were in one of the photos from the Trohv DC grand opening post that I did a few months ago. So here is my how to, you will need to gather the following items.

Sharpen all of your pencils. You will need tons, and tons. The size of the styrofoam globe will dictate how many pencils you will need. I think that there are upwards of 400 pencils on each of our spheres. If you will be hanging your globes tie some heavy twine around them a few times. Make sure that it can hold a lot of weight as these will get heavy.

Make a small pool of hot glue on a piece of paper, and dip the tip of a sharpened pencil into it. Immediately plunge the pencil tip into the styrofoam globe. I prefer to work in a grid, but you can be a little less retentive, and place the pencils as you like. The results will be about the same. You can always go back in and fill in holes at the end.

That’s it! Nice and simple.

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a walk in ireland

In early June I was lucky enough to spend 11 glorious days in South-West Ireland with my husband and parents. It was an amazing trip only made better by being able to spend tons of time with my parents who live about 875 miles away. Or I guess, I live 875 miles away from them since I made the choice to leave the mid-west for the east coat.

Most of our trip was spent walking in the Dingle Peninsula, and Killarny areas of the country. We also spent some time in the Burren area of County Clare. While there we visited the county’s oldest perfumery, aptly named The Burren Perfumery. I picked up a great hand cream that I use every night before heading off to bed. Below are just a few of the pictures from the trip! Lots of green, lots of water!

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mythic paint

I was in Ace hardware yesterday and found myself staring at the wall of Mythic paint cans. Have you seen them? They are gorgeous. I was immediately inspired to find something else to paint in my house. After a day of thinking I remembered that all of my favorite people are coming to visit next month and I would really like to get our guest room tidied up for their visits. The guest room is the last major room in our house to have not received a makeover since we moved in. I am not sure yet what I am going to do, but I here are some colors that I am thinking about.

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