coral & tusk

Yesterday was my last day at the NYIGF. I spent my last morning walking around the Handmade section and placed some of my favorite orders. Coral & Tusk was one of my favorite finds. I first saw Stephanie and her work at Renegade in Brooklyn last year and was blown away. So I was super excited to find her again at the Gift Show.

Her pillows and wall hangings are all embroidered on 100% linen and have a ton of character. There are so many great designs that I had a hard time narrowing down my selection. Did you see the badges? Yeah, they are that amazing! Embroidered on wool felt they have a steel backing pin to attach them to your favorite jacket, bag, or really anything. I am over the moon about Stephanie and her line, and can’t wait to add a few pieces to my home.

1. Sparklers Pillow, $70 2. Deer with Feather Famed, $70 3. Bison Badge, $20 4. Foxy Badge, $24 5. Bear Cave Pocket Pillow, $104

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