Whenever I go home my mom always has fresh flowers in my old room. It always makes me feel so special, and let’s me know how excited she is to have me there. I have always aspired to  be a lady with a fantastic guest room. A place where my friends and family can come and feel like they are really appreciated. Soft sheets, fluffy down comforters, and a great welcome basket. A toothbrush, incase one was forgotten, fabulous towels, some nibbles, reading, and a little note to let them know they are loved all go into my welcome baskets. What goes into yours?

1. Guest toothbrushes by Izola 2. Turkish towels from Antiochia 3. Anthology Magazine 4. Note card from Rifle Paper Co. 5. Water carafe from Williams-Sonoma 6. Salt Caramels from Nunu 7. Apricot Green Tea Gummies from Bissinger’s

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