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a time gone by

Do you ever wonder what life might have been like in a time gone by? I do. It does not help that I love period pieces done by the BBC, like say Pride and Prejudice.  A group of artist from came together to create this great compilation on images of celebrities. The twist being that they were all places in Renaissance styled paintings. Interesting how some fit right in!

I originally came across this series on Beautiful Life, and you can find a ton of other images there like Johnny Depp and, Drew Barrymore. Well worth the visit!

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late summer windows

We are getting ready to put up some new windows in Trohv’s DC location and I am super excited about them. I can’t wait to get working on these great windows next week, but thought that you all might like a little sneak peak! I drew the inspiration from this great find on Pinterest. Sadly the link that is associated with the image does not take me back to its original source.


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lip love

When we were in Ireland at the beginning of the summer I came across Vaseline’s Lip Therapy Tins, and fell in love. While petroleum does come with a myriad of pluses and negatives I just could not pass up such fantastic packaging. Fortunately for me the product was fantastic! I snapped up the rosey lips followed shortly by the aloe vera. While it seems that the product is only available in the UK it might be worth a special order. Fortunately my best friend lives in the UK and will hopefully keep me well stocked. You can find them here at Shop Londons for $3.97.

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Yesterday I met with one of our vendor reps from work and she was wearing, a very simple and elegant monogram necklace. I asked her about it and it turns out that her mother had given it to her in high school. So sweet! It is no secret to those who know me that I love monograms, but I have never found the right piece of jewelry that I thought I would wear everyday, and exactly what I wanted. That is until yesterday. This morning I woke up, opened up Pinterest, and ta-da there was the necklace, again! So at this point I think that it is meant to be, anyone out there feel the same?

Mini Lace Monogram Necklace by Ginette_NY,  pick one up at Charm and Chain for $623

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what’s in a meal?

I just stumbled across a New York Times article by Ashley Gilbertson from 2010 that breaks down multiple countries rations in Afghanistan. It is a really unique look into each country and what they consider to be comfort food. I think that I prefer Australia and France the best. How about you?

Australian Combat Rations, D Menu

food stylist Maria Washburn

French – Individual Reheatable Combat Ration, Menu No. 9

food stylist Maria Washburn

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trohv DC grand opening

Saturday was the grand opening party for the new Trohv store in DC. We had a great time getting the store ready for the big night and adding a few extra details to make the evening extra special.

1. Pencil displays that used an alarming amount of pencils. 2. Hand glittered T cupcake topper. 3. Flagged paper straws

I almost forgot about these gems. 1. Tissue banner to spice up the kitchen 2. The summer window finds a new use  3. The balloons found a new home above the register in the new store

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