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One of the many things that I love about my job is going to New York to the International Gift Shows, and the National Stationery Show. Not only do I spend a few days looking at, and buying amazing products and designs, but I eat some supper yummy food as well. While most people that attend these shows are busy doing product wrap up’s I am doing food one! {I find it a bit hard to place orders and manage to snap photos of everything. It is something that I plan to work on.}

Sunday, I had phenomenal dinner at Blue Hill with my boss, Carmen, one of the owners of Trohv. A tiny asparagus burger  greeted us as our amuse-bouche. Perfectly seasoned with vinaigrette, it accomplished it’s goal of waking up my palate and making me excited for the upcoming meal. {Sorry about the picture. I only had my phone, and it was rather dark in the restaurant. Not really the type of place that I wanted to expose to the iphone flash – it’s so bright.}

Blue Hill NYC

Monday morning started as most days in New York do for me with an Ess-a-Bagel. My personal favorite is a seeded bagel with salmon cream cheese, onions, and capers. You can order with Ess-a-Bagel and they will ship directly to you. I always think about doing this for holidays, but never seem to get around to it.


Monday night ended with a very early dinner at ABC Kitchen. The meal started with some still warm house made fresh mozzarella with olive oil, sea salt and black pepper. If I only had to eat that for the rest of my life it would be ok. We then moved onto the fresh ricotta, crispy pancetta, and date whole wheat pizza. When I was in the city in January we had this and I have been thinking about it ever since. The same goes for my entrée. I did feel badly getting the same entrée that I had last time, but it is just really so good, and who is not a sucker for good friend chicken? Unlike most American fried chickens ABC’s is done in a asian style, closer to a chicken katsu. Organic, and served with baby bok choy, a small dollop of creamy potatoes, and a spicy gravy, it is absolutely the perfect meal. Sadly, I was not able to take a photo because I was to busy eating it, but here is an amazing display of all the fresh ingredients that they were using that night.

ABC Kitchen

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