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weekend update

I had a wonderful weekend spent at brunch with friends, doing taxes, and taking a road trip. For the first time in my life I did my own taxes and kind of loved it! I know, strange but true.

On Sunday I headed up to Three Potato Fours’s Barn Sale with a few friends. It somehow took us over 3 hours for a trip that should have taken 2, possibly due in part to a iPhone that was left at, and had to be rescued from a rest stop. I came home with a few goodies for myself, a great find for K Flick Studio, and an awesome gift. Of course I did not take any pictures!

We then headed over to Terrain for a small bite and because it is one of our favorite places.  We started with possibly the best cheese plate ever. It served as great inspiration for my next gathering. I also purchased a new plant for my terrarium, the original three did not fair so well.  All in all it was a great weekend.

Cheese Plate from Terrain

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cook it … pressed sandwich

Thank goodness for my mum! I am doing my weekly read through of the links that she sends me and I am in love with this one. My husbands birthday is coming up and I think this pressed sandwich would be a perfect meal!

how to make

Shooter’s Sandwich from the photography by Tim Hayward

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three potato four

On Sunday I am jumping in the car and driving as fast as I can to the Three Potato Four barn sale outside of Philadelphia. I am so excited to finally get to see in person the fantastically curated items that Janet and Stu have pulled together.

As an added bonus, Somethings Hiding in Here will be there as well with a Forage pop up shop! I just hope that there are still goodies left when I arrive on Sunday. I have a birthday/thinking of you/you are the best gift that I need to get.

I am bringing along the camera with hopes of having some things to share next week. I just hope that remember to use it, sometimes I get overexcited and forget!

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out and about

Katie, over at Petal and Print, shared a sneak peak of a project that she is working on for a lovely bride in California. I absolutely adore her beautiful flowers. If you are not familiar with them you should go take a gander. There are some ready mades for sale here, but most of Katie’s work is custom, giving the client a chance to get exactly what she wants!

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confetti system

Have you seen any of the fabulous work from Nicholas Andersen and Julie Ho of Confetti System? I am absolutely in love with the tassel garlands that they make. I first noticed them in J. Crew’s windows last fall, and have been dreaming of them ever since. I think that they would be perfect for most any party, and delightful in a child’s room.  I think that I might even get a strand and hang it on the wall above our bed.

Tassel Garland

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it’s my favorite … twistband

I have been looking at the Twistband shop for a while now. I put things in my cart, and take them back out again. I tried to find a store near me that might carry them, but alas there were none. Then hoorah!!! While I was in Telluride, last week I stumbled across them in not one store but two! I purchased two hair ties and one headband, and think that I shall never look back. They are so nice on my hair, stylish, and have oh so many options! The only questions is, which ones shall I purchase next? You can pick up this fabulous set of three for $5 here.

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