With all of the winter storms on the East Coast last year there has been a bit of a baby boom going on around here.  At one point this summer I knew more than 15 people that were expecting.  That’s just nuts! Almost all of the babies have been born by now, and I am happy to report are doing well.

With all of these little ones cropping up there have been a lot of great nursery ideas floating around. I keep coming across some super cute prints that I would love to have, but really would be perfect in a baby place. Here are a few of them.

one: sarah winter two:shanna murray three:  sycamore street press four: Tom Gauld five:  Nikki Catalano six: rifle paper co.

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  1. Lexi January 9, 2011 at 9:25 pm #

    LOVE them all! What great finds!

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