I returned early this week from a wonderful, and much needed visit with my parents. It was so nice to have a rest and enjoy some long walks with the family.

Upon returning it was back to work, and Wednesday I spent at Woodberry Kitchen with Gary installing Holidazzel 2010.  We planted miniature conifers in Weck jars, that Woodberry Kitchen has on hand for canning.  Jars were also filled with popcorn, star anise, cinnamon sticks, nuts, and candies to add some holiday cheer.  It was an amazing day, followed by an a fabulous dinner with my husband! I would highly recommend the charcuterie to start, chicken & biscuit, and CMP to finish!

These trees also make stunning hostess, or holiday gifts, and anything that is packaged in a Weck jar is fantabulous by association.

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