becket hitch

The first semi-annual Becket Hitch went swimmingly this past Saturday.  Katie, my co-founder, and I were thrilled to have so many people came to the show and have such amazing things to say about it.  It was fantastic to see everyone’s hard work come together in the space and truly look like what we had envisioned a short three months before.

We were so energized from the event that we went home, and called each other to start planning the spring show! {Details will follow when we have them!} If you were able to join us we hope that you had a marvelous time, and if you were not, we hope that you will be able to in the future.

K Flick Studio Table

Golden Mini Clothes Pins

Shoppers at Becket Hitch

Behind the Scenes at Becket Hitch

There are so many people that I would like to thank that made the show happen this year.  Our amazing host Woodberry Kitchen without whom we would have been lost.  All of our generous sponsors for believing in us before they knew what they were believing in, and all of our makers who made the show such a success.  On a more personal note I have to thank my lovely husband who has not seen me for three months, and has been so supportive and generous with his understanding.  {At the end of the show he exclaimed “Now I can have my wife back”} My gracious mother also flew in for the event and stayed up late tying off loose ends with me.  She also handled the tickets and door the day of the event!

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