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Where is NPR?

Tuesday marks the start of crazy wedding season in our household. In the next twenty or so days I will be driving to and from St. Louis, in 8 days, and with our dog Porter. Attending two wedding showers, really excited about this, cooking my first Passover dinner. Driving to and from Philadelphia, working when I can, and continuing to prepare for the wedding, crafts and such. And the grand finale will be my bachelorette party!

So to kick off the month is the road trip to St. Louis with my mom. When JP and I go on road trips we inevitably start out listening to our local NPR station and then lose the signal, rude. But I was checking out their web site the other day and found this great service, who knows how long it has been around for, but it is step by step directions and listings of NPR stations along your route. How nice, to never have to go without it.

We are off to run all kinds of errands and then clean the house in preparation of the parental arrival.

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Something to remember

My mom forwarded me some pictures from the dinner in the sky website. Apparently you can rent this service, and time any where, as long as there is an appropriately sized surface that can be secured.

What a unique way to celebrate, the table holds 22 people, great for an intimate rehearsal dinner, or small wedding party. Just make sure to limit people’s fluid intake…

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It’s Been A While

I am not quite sure what has happened in the past week, but I think that I just took a small computer vacation. But I am back now, I promise.

On second thought, what happened is that I purchased a button machine, went antiquing with Melissa in Pennsylvania, and dug my sewing machine out of the closet. I have been having a blast.

I am now making buttons as well as the flowers out of vintage table linens and they are going so well. {The excuse for purchasing the button machine is that I am using it for items for the wedding, which I am and you will see more on that later.} I began selling them at Red Tree as well and have been getting some really good responses. JP is so excited that I have gotten my creative side back, and he is being so accepting of the fact that the house has turned into a studio with all of my things spread out everywhere. He even took interest in the buttons and has picked out a few for himself.

For a while now I have been on a clutch kick. Sadly, all of the ones that I fall madly in love with are way out of my price range, such is life. So I decided to just go right ahead and start making some myself. When I was in PA with Melissa a few weekends ago gathering goods for the wedding I also picked up a great tea towel. It turned out that it transitioned really nicely into a clutch.

I chose a quilted nylon fabric, that was originally used for monogrammed flask covers that I gifted on New Years Eve in Telluride a few years ago. {Sorry no pictures, but they were really cute} At any rate, I am fairly happy with my first attempt at clutch making. I really want Melissa to give me a mini lesson, she makes beautiful ones, so that I have a better idea of what I am doing.

So that is what I have been up to, for the most part. We have started receiving RSVP’s and it is so fun to open the mail box every day and see what has come in. So far the positives are winning. We also received out first gift, such fun!

We are off to NYC for a night at the end of the week for Fawad’s opening and just used price line to book our hotel. I love price line, we got such a great rate and a hotel that I think should be some fun.

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